Kevin evaluates Franco on General Hospital
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In Pentonville, Ryan pens another love letter to Ava.

Sonny questions a plan on General Hospital At the Metro Court, Kevin and Laura run into Sonny and Jason and congratulate Sonny on his baby. They also give their condolences to Jason for what’s going on with Sam. Laura and Kevin grab a table, and they discuss Helena’s painting and the clues in it before Kevin has to leave for Shadybrook to evaluate Franco and determine if he can make decisions about his own health. At the bar, Jason informs Sonny that Bryce is the same man who attacked Andre, and he suspects Drew’s plane crash is linked to all of this somehow.

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Kim comforts Dranco on General Hospital Kim visits Franco at Shadybrook and tells him that Drew’s plane went down into the ocean and he’s been declared dead. However, if his talk with Dr. Collins goes well, Drew Cain won’t have to die. Later, Kevin arrives to evaluate Franco. He asks if he’s aware of the consequences of his decisions not to get treatment, and how they affect others. Kevin points out that he can’t be Drew Cain because Drew died in a plane crash. Franco says he can only be who he is, but Kevin questions who that is given he’s in Franco’s body. Franco says what happened to Franco was wrong, but he should not have to sacrifice who he is to right that wrong. He has to be who he is. Kevin thanks him for his time and leaves.

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In an office at General Hospital, Scott puts Cam through a trial run as Liz watches. Scott and Liz tell him he did well, and after Cam departs, Scott goes over the witness list with Liz. Franco’s attorney has called Monica to testify as Drew’s mother, which is bad for them. In the hall, Kim meets with Janice (played by Jennifer Yun) at the nurses’ station. She’s there to talk with another doctor about her reinstatement, but the doctor has been delayed in surgery. Cam runs into Kim and asks to talk. He knows she misses Oscar, but says holding onto Franco won’t bring her son back. He also tells her that as much as Drew came to mean to Oscar, that’s what Franco means to him and his brothers. Liz overhears Cam’s moving speech to Kim about wanting Franco back.

Lucas questions Brad's secrets on General Hospital At Charlie’s Lucas confronts Brad about being at Nelle’s parole hearing and lying about it to him. Brad says he used to be friends with Nelle and he couldn’t turn his back on her. Lucas feels like it’s back before they were married and he lied to him all the time. He wonders what else he is keeping from him, such as why he is really seeing a therapist. Brad admits he’s terrified of getting things wrong with Wiley and with him. Lucas tells him that he just needs to be honest and to talk to him. Julian finds his sister outside the bar staring into oblivion. He invites her in and she asks for a martini. He thinks it’s a bit early to be drinking, and wonders when she had a good night’s sleep. Ava says when she sleeps, she either sees Kiki or Ryan, so she stays away and finds peace in martinis. Sonny arrives and announces he has business with Julian. Ava departs, and Sonny tells Julian he either has to complete the sale of the bar to Olivia or return the deposit.

Ryan worships Ava on General Hospital Jason visits Bryce in Pentonville and warns him that he’s made a serious mistake, but he can give him a way out. Jason wants to know who hired him to break Shiloh out and attack Andre Maddox, who has identified him. He hints that the feds might cut a deal, if he gives up his employer, especially if it’s Peter August. Bryce will speak to his lawyer and see what the feds will offer him. In his cell, Ryan gives his letter to a guard to be mailed. Later, Bryce is returned to the cell and comments on how hot the magazine cover of Ava that Ryan is staring at is. He says it looks like he’s getting out soon and maybe he’ll look Ava up. Furious, Ryan clenches a pen in his fist.

Back at the Metro Court, Ava hits the bar for a drink. Laura sees she’s upset and offers to listen to Ava if she wants to talk, but Ava doesn’t and walks off. Laura follows her, and Ava apologizes for her behavior. She wonders why Laura is so nice to her. Laura thinks they have a lot in common. She knows what it feels like to love someone so much and have to find a way to move on when that person is gone. As they talk, someone watches them.

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