Brad's nightmare with Nelle and Michael on General Hospital
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Brad wakes from a nightmare in bed with Lucas on General HospitalBrad startles awake at home in bed with Lucas. He had a nightmare about Nelle telling Michael Wiley is his son. Lucas is worried about his husband who seems more stressed than ever. Brad mentions his therapist, which is news to Lucas. As Lucas leaves to tend to a crying Wylie, Brad calls Julian, who doesn’t answer. Lucas returns and asks Brad about therapy. Brad says Neil wants Lucas to join them next time. Lucas is all for it.

Julian talks to Alexis at Charlie's on General HospitalAlexis sits at Charlie’s bar and orders bacon from Julian since it’s her cheat day. He’s more interested in whether she’s called Olivia off on attacking him. He shows her another flyer defaming him, but Alexis doesn’t think it’s Olivia. Maybe he has other enemies? Julian declines Brad’s call as Kendra enters. Alexis greets her and they talk about the supplements Alexis is taking. Alexis had a doctor check it out and gave it all the clear. In fact, Alexis needs a refill. After Alexis gets called away to work, Lucas enters, distraught over Brad. He tells Julian about his husband’s therapy. He’s glad Brad found a safe space to talk about whatever is bothering him.

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Kendra lays flowers on Kiefer’s grave. Through tears, she recalls Shiloh telling her Alexis murdered him. It’s time for payback. She opens the supplement container meant for Alexis and pours a packet of something into it.

Lulu, Maxie, Nina and Valentin at Kelly's on General HospitalMichael and Sasha walk into Kelly’s, passing Lulu and Maxie who are eating at a nearby table. As the twosomes rehash recent events separately, Nina walks in with Valentin. Lulu is incensed and orders Maxie to intervene. Maxie passes. All she knows is Lulu made a huge mess of things. Lulu insists she had pure motives for exposing Sasha, but Maxie only sees that she crushed Nina’s dreams. Lulu admits things didn’t turn out the way she expected, but her conscience is clear. Maxie thinks it would have been better to keep the secret. Lulu throws the secret Maxie kept when she was her surrogate in her face. She reminds her the longer it takes for the truth to come out the deeper the pain. Nina and Valentin sit at a table and discuss their reunion. Valentin doesn’t care why she came back, he’s just glad she did. He suggests they go to City Hall to get married. Chase enters to arrest Sasha for fraud and identity theft, as Nina smirks. Nina confirms she is behind the arrest, which disappoints Valentin. When Nina questions him, he explains he doesn’t want her to drown in a negativity spiral. He just wants her to be happy with him and Charlotte.

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At the PCPD, Chase defends his arresting Sasha to Michael. He then heads to Nelle’s hearing, assuring Michael he will do his best to keep Nelle behind bars. Michael sits with Sasha in the interrogation room. He urges her to strike a deal – her freedom for information on Valentin’s role in her deception. Alexis shows up as Sasha’s lawyer. Alexis needs Nina there and for Michael to leave so he doesn’t compromise the case. Michael thanks Alexis for her assistance and leaves. Once he’s gone, Alexis asks Sasha what part Valentin played in her scheme. Sasha won’t give him up. Nina arrives having gotten a text from Alexis. The attorney appeals to Nina to drop the criminal charges, assuring her she can’t still sue Sasha for damages. Nina lashes out at Sasha and tells both women to go to Hell.

Michael returns to Kelly’s to threaten Valentin. He orders Valentin to get Nina to back off or else Michael will make sure he goes down with Sasha.

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Martin advises Nelle on General HospitalMartin meets Nelle in the judge’s chambers about her parole hearing. She passes on reading his notes, stating she’s got this. She has full confidence she will go free. He reminds her it can take days or months for an inmate to get released. After Brad and Chase arrive, the parole board enters and starts proceedings. Martin reads a statement on Nelle’s behalf and then Nelle gets up to take full responsibility for her actions. She lays it on thick about her recent good behavior and her sorrow over losing her son. Chase rolls his eyes as Nelle vows to become a productive member of society. She credits her time in prison for becoming a better person. When she’s finished, the board declares they cannot recommend parole at this time. Later, Martin assures Nelle no one gets parole on the first try. She has to keep working on herself to impress at least two board members to gain freedom. It could take years though.

Chase enters Charlie’s and tells Lucas he just saw Brad at Nelle’s hearing. He relays that Nelle was denied parole.

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