Out in California, Luke knocks on the cabin door and asks Laura to let him in for coffee. She makes him talk through the door and reminds him that she isn't his wife anymore. He explains that his marriage to Tracy started as a scam because he wanted alimony. Then he adds that he should've been honest with her when she recovered. He starts having a coughing fit, but Laura thinks he's faking so she lets him go on for a while. Finally she grows concerned and comes outside. He tells her that his ticker isn't what it used to be and explains that he's had three heart attacks. She scoops him up, and he takes the opportunity to race into the house. She rages inside after him, but all he does is ask for coffee.

Laura eventually gives in and they sit down and have coffee. She tells him that she's given it a lot of thought and does understand why he moved on, but she selfishly hoped that she was the only one for him. She says that she'll find a way to move on, too. Then she clarifies that she's only mad because he didn't respect her enough to tell her about it before staging their second wedding. Luke says that he knew when she woke up that it was only for a limited amount of time and he wanted to give her what she wanted. Laura says that it was sweet, but condescending to assume that she couldn't handle it. Luke says that he just didn't want to hurt her, that's all. Now that all of that is on the table, Laura says that they should talk about their current problem. She says that she's awake, but no one knows for how long. Then she points out that he is married and asks if they should be spending time together like this?

Nik, Lucky and Lulu are out at the crash sight talking to the searchers. They confirm that the fingerprints are from Luke and Laura, but they didn't find any blood. Tracy forges onto the scene and decides that it looks like a set up! She says that Luke and Laura have clearly picked up their romance and taken it on the run. The kids aren't buying it, but Tracy holds firm. The guys decide to search on foot, but Tracy says that she's done enough traipsing around. Lulu tells them to go ahead and she'll stay with Tracy. Tracy asks why she's being so nice all of a sudden. "It hasn't been all that sudden if you'd been paying attention," Lulu says and then adds, "You are family."

Back in Port Charles, Sonny has slept in Carly's bed and she slept on a chaise next to it. She looks at him and flashes back to their last tryst in a limo. When Sonny wakes up, she congratulates him for making it through the night and tells him to thank her for that. She offers him pop tarts for breakfast, but Sonny doesn't want to be tortured like that. Later, after she's gone into the shower, Sonny flashes to their night in the limo, too. When she comes out dressed, he asks if she needs to be somewhere. She says that Jax is probably getting curious, but she told Mercedes and Morgan that she's out of town.

Jason has called Cody over to his penthouse to give him what he found at Sam's apartment. Cody recognizes it instantly as an XP11 detonator from the black market. He concludes that whoever set the bomb off on the waterfront meant business.

Sam wakes up chained to a bed on a freighter and Jerry tells her that this is the beginning of the last day of her life. He tells her that she may be beautiful, daring and sexy, but she's not particularly bright. She says that she's not book smart, but she knows how to read him. She speculates that he won't kill her because he'd never want Jax or Alexis to know what he's capable of. He says that he would like to avoid hurting them, but Port Charles is closing in on him. She asks if she can be his ally, instead. He simply turns and leaves the room. When he returns, he giddily announces that he has a present for her. He sits next to her and opens a box of explosives. "You are not going out without a bang, I promise you," Jerry teases.

Spinelli is sitting with Maxie in the waiting room at GH. He tries to give her hope about Robin, but she's a wreck. Just then, Jason arrives and asks about Robin's baby. Maxie smiles and reports that Emma Grace is perfect. Then she tells him that Robin has a 'weird disorder where her blood won't clot' and Spinelli adds that it's a dire situation.

Patrick is sitting with Robin and talking about buying a house with a fence and maybe even getting a dog when she wakes up. He says that he likes being a family man and thanks her for opening up a new world for him. He tells her that he can't pull any of it off without her. Jason comes in and Patrick welcomes him into the room. When he explains the disorder, Jason recognizes the name of it because Sam had it a few years ago. He is quick to point out that Sam survived and Robin will too.

Patrick leaves Jason with Robin so he can go check on Emma. Jason turns to Robin and says that she's been on his mind every minute. He reminds her that she taught him about faith and says that's what he has for her. Anna comes in and Jason tries to make a hasty exit. Anna says that Robin has told her that he's been very pivotal in her life and Jason says that it works both ways.

Anna fusses over Robin's bedding and talks about how amazing Patrick is being. Just then, he wheels Emma in and says that it's feeding time. He asks Anna to do the honors, but she gently tells him that he needs to figure it out. After she leaves, he gently picks his daughter up and places the nipple in her mouth. Emma immediately starts sucking from the bottle and Patrick tells her how good it must be. Robin's eyes have opened and all she can do is give a little smile. Patrick notices and says, "The family's all here."

Jason has asked Spinelli to meet him over at Sam's place. He says that Sam's life is in danger and explains what he thinks might be going on. There's a knock on the door and it's a nosy neighbor lady. Spinelli opens the door and explains that they are Sam's friends and are worried about her. The lady says that she saw Sam leaving last night with a boyfriend and she was draped all over him. When Jason shows a picture of Jerry, she confirms that was him.

Next on General Hospital:

A good talk leads to the moment of truth for Luke and Laura.

Lucky, Lulu and Nikolas find Luke and Laura.

Sonny and Carly come together, but fight off their desires.

Sonny confronts Karpov and Olivia comes upon them.

Jason alerts Jax to what he suspects is going on with Sam.

Jax goes to Alexis with the news of Sam's plight.

Jax drops a bomb on Carly.

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