Nina can't believe Valentin General Hospital
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Sonny tells Alexis his hopes General HospitalAlexis drops by the Corinthos compound to see Sonny and congratulate him on the baby. She gets a text from Julian and seems distracted. They talk about Jerome sticking around and he hopes that Olivia sues him for backing out of selling the pub. She assures him that Julian is still on the straight and narrow.

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Valentin listens to Nina General HospitalWith Jax in tow, Nina barges into Wyndemere to get some of her stuff. She tells Valentin that where she goes is no longer his business. He rejects that and makes excuses, but she refuses to trust him. He admits that going looking for her daughter is what caused this mess. He insists that Sasha’s actions were her own. Obrecht strides in and they ask Jax to leave. Valentin tells Nina that leaving will solve nothing. She insists they are finished. After she packs her bag, she heads for the door. He begs her not to say goodbye because his life is meaningless without her. Nina exits. Obrecht and Valentin talk about their plans. They both intend to leave for Europe.

Michael and Sasha listen to Lucy General HospitalAt the Crimson office, Sasha packs her desk and tells Michael how great Nina was to her. He assures her she can regain her footing. Before they can leave, Lucy arrives and demands an answer from Sasha. Will she be the new face of Deception? “I’m way ahead of you,” Sasha says. She wants to pass on the offer and explains she no longer has a connection to Nina or Crimson. Lucy thinks that her notorious new reputation could be lucrative and they’ll make ‘bajillions’. Sasha doesn’t want to exploit the misery she has caused. Lucy says punishing herself won’t help anyone. If she wants to make amends, she has to put herself out there. Before they can leave, Nina arrives and threatens to call security. Lucy stands up for Sasha but that only prompts Nina to tear into them for everything she’s lost. Sasha insists that she acted alone and did it for money. Nina refuses to believe she acted alone and orders them all out.

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Julian threatens Brad General HospitalBrad visits Julian at Charlie’s with a welcome mat as a gift. He needs help dealing with Nelle. Julian tells him to clean up his own mess. Brad tells him that Sonny and Lucas will blame Julian for this mess. Julian doesn’t like being threatened and wraps his hands around his throat. Ava interrupts and her brother lets Brad leave. They start gossiping about the wedding and he explains that Nina walked out. She has a martini and wonders why she can’t feel happy about Nina’s pain. He’s impressed that she’s grown that much. As they talk about their exes, Alexis arrives. Julian shows her the flyers that have been circulating trashing the pub. He assumes that they are Olivia’s work and wonders if he can sue her. She encourages him to sell the pub and move on. Meanwhile, Sasha and Michael sit in a corner and she explains how devoted Obrecht and Valentin are to Nina. She wants them all to heal. He doubts this will work out.

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Joss sends a text General HospitalJoss and Dev sit on the Corinthos compound patio. He complains about homework and worries about what Jax will do. She assures him she will fix things. Joss tells him what a hero he’s been and wonders what he would have done if he’d gotten away. He teases her and grabs her diary from her to see what she writes about him. As they tussle over it, their eyes meet. That’s awkward. Sonny and Jax interrupt. Jax explains that he won’t expose Dev. His daughter is grateful. Jax and Sonny both flashback to making a deal to keep this quiet, but Jax refused to stay quiet if the Feds start asking questions.

In Neil’s office, he talks to Brad about his problems. Brad just wants meds to help with his nerves. Neil says they have to actually figure out what’s wrong with him. Annoyed, Brad tells him how worried he is about his son being taken away again. The doctor agrees to write him a prescription, but they have to keep meeting and he wants him to bring Lucas next time. As Brad exits, Alexis arrives.

Ava drops by the Crimson office with glasses and scotch to commiserate with Nina.

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