Peter Frames Sam on General Hospital
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Nina wakes up on Jax’s couch to find him standing over her with coffee. They talk, and she doesn’t know what to believe about Valentin’s involvement in Sasha’s lie. Nina on Jax's couch on General Hospital Jax thinks she deserves an explanation of who knew what, but she’s not ready to see Valentin yet. She checks her phone and sees all the missed calls and messages. Nina thinks she should go, but he offers to let her lay low at his place. She feels she needs to face this mess.

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Charlotte is upset on General Hospital Finn runs into Hayden outside of Kelly’s. He’s on his way to the hospital but offers his leftovers to her to take home to her dog. Hayden claims her dog is on a restricted diet. She heads inside, and Finn bumps into Chase. He tells his brother that he thinks Hayden is lying to him. Chase reminds him Hayden is his past and Anna is his future. Chase is paged and has to get back to the station. Inside, Laura, Charlotte and Lulu have lunch. Charlotte has no appetite and asks her mother why she ruined the wedding. Lulu explains it is complicated, so the girl asks to see Nina. Lulu and Charlotte decide to try her office. Laura stays behind and meets with Hayden and Curtis. She tells them about the portrait and the clues within it pointing to the codicil being on Spoon Island. Later after Laura departs, Hayden asks Curtis for a favor and to get her a dog.

At the PCPD, Jason and Sam are relieved everything is over. Jason fills her in on Peter being on the docks with a bag of cash, which he lied to Maxie about. Later, Peter’s goon is brought in and Jordan is eager to question him. He refuses to talk without a phone call. Jordan arranges one.

At Crimson, Maxie and Peter discover Nina isn’t in. Maxie worries. They discuss Sasha’s lie, and who knew what, when Lulu and Charlotte enter. Charlotte overhears that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter. Maxie asks Peter for a moment alone. He leaves and Lulu explains there has been a mistake and Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter. In the hall, Peter gets a call from the goon, who demands Peter’s help because the commissioner is itching to question him. Peter tells him to follow his instructions.

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Sasha avoids people on General Hospital Michael and Sasha are in Queens Point having coffee. She feels bad for Nina and Charlotte and the pain that she’s caused them. Michael advises her to go back to Port Charles, face this, and put it behind her. She thinks there is no use returning because she doesn’t have a life there. He reminds her that he is there. Michael convinces her to return, with him by his side, and face the music.

Obrecht and Valentin plot on General Hospital At Wyndemere, Valentin is a wreck and Obrecht observes he hasn’t slept. She says she tried to warn him this would blow up in his face. He accuses her of wanting this to happen, but she reminds him this could jeopardize her relationships with Nina, Maxie and her grandson. Obrecht points out that Sasha only confessed to her lies, not their part in the lie, so they need to make sure Sasha never gets the chance to give them up. The doctor thinks Sasha can never return to Port Charles. Later, Laura arrives at Valentin’s door and asks to take the portrait of Helena off his hands. He informs her he had it thrown out this morning. Laura is furious and he asks why she cares. She reminds him the painting was left to Nikolas and now belongs to Spencer. She promises him that he will regret this. After Laura storms out, Nina arrives with Jax by her side.

Back at the PCPD, FBI agent Caldwell (played by James MacDonald) arrives to speak with Sam about Shiloh’s murder. Because it happened in international waters it falls under their jurisdiction. He demands to review the evidence and tells Sam not to leave town until they chat. Later, the man who helped Shiloh escape agrees to talk to Jordan, Chase and the FBI. He tells them that Sam hired him to break Shiloh out.

Michael and Sasha return to Crimson. They find Maxie, Lulu and Charlotte in Nina’s office. Charlotte asks Sasha why she lied. Sasha claims she heard Nina was looking for her daughter, and she thought it would be nice to be a part of their family. She is sorry for what she did. Charlotte doesn’t believe her and accuses her of ruining the wedding. The girl asks her mother to leave because she doesn’t want to see Sasha, so they depart.

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