Martin goes over strategy with Kim on General Hospital
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Jason and Sam in Sonny's kitchen on General HospitalSam and Jason catch Sonny up in his kitchen about Peter’s connection to Shiloh. Jason declares if Peter is the one framing Sam, he doesn’t care what he means to Anna or Maxie. Sam worries about Maxie though and thinks maybe they need proof before doing anything. Jason thinks it’d be worse if they did nothing.

Spinelli at the PCPD on General HospitalJordan begrudgingly allows Spinelli to listen to the incriminating recording of Sam in the interrogation room at the PCPD. He excitedly finds something. In the squad room, Robert tells Jordan he just interviewed Daisy, who wouldn’t shut up about the honor of giving herself to Shiloh. They debate Daisy’s effectiveness as a witness until Robert gets a call. He leaves to deliver news in person. Jordan joins Spinelli who plays the part of the recording that piqued his interest. Sam joins them and learns since Spinelli couldn’t debunk or verify the authenticity of the recording, but found enough red flags, all charges will be dropped.

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Maxie on the phone at Kelly's on General HospitalPeter and Maxie have breakfast at Kelly’s. She leaves a message for Nina to call her back. She then talks to a guilty-looking Peter about love and betrayal. She knows he will never betray her the way Valentin did Nina. Peter worries she might not always feel that way. She declares she will, but teases for him not to screw it up. Jason enters and thanks Peter for getting Dev and Wiley to the hospital. He sits down and questions Peter carrying a gym bag that night when there are no gyms by the docks. Maxie says the bag wasn’t filled with gym clothes, but money – for a down payment on an apartment. Jason heads outside to take a call from Sam who relays her good news and that the police captured the guy who helped Shiloh. Jason returns to pass on the news to Peter. At a nearby table, Martin Gray meets with Kim about representing Drew. He’s interested in the case but warns he will be putting Drew in the center ring of a publicity circus to cement his identity. They discuss the specifics of Elizabeth and Drew/Franco’s situation. Kim empathizes with Liz, but she is afraid she’ll lose Drew again if they can’t stop her. Martin goes over his strategy of painting Drew not defined by the vessel that contains him.

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Monica visits Dranco at the psych hospital. She expresses how sorry she is for what’s happened but he isn’t very receptive. She notes she has worked hard to hang on to the children she has left, but she should have focused on what he needed from her rather than what she needed from him. He apologizes for taking his anger out on her. She calls them Quartermaines which means they’re both tough. She talks about how much family matters, insisting they would have searched for him had they known about him. She’s here for him now. He thanks her. He would have reached out to her sooner, “But in fairness to me you all had terrible reputations.” Monica laughs. He muses on how things could have turned out differently. Monica says they can’t regret what they can’t change. He hopes they get to know each other a little better. After Monica leaves, Martin and Kim meet with Dranco. Martin explains his strategy of using the hot button issue of identity for his defense. He wants him to gather all the medals and commendations Drew earned risking his life for his country. Dranco is on board. He also needs a list of people who might speak on his behalf. He can only think of one but he isn’t sure they will take the stand. Martin is confident he can handle it. Alone, Kim and Dranco cuddle and talk about the hope they’ve been given. She wants to make plans for their future, but he thinks they need to focus on what they have here and now. She says now is good and they kiss.

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Elizabeth listens to Scott's strategy on General HospitalIn a room at General Hospital, Liz goes over strategy with Scott. Cam interrupts them, offering to testify. Scott warns he will be grilled on the stand, but Cam insists on helping Franco. When he mentions Shiloh had him drugged before Franco saved him, Scott suggests he not mention that part. After Cam has left, Elizabeth tells Scott to use Kim’s grieving state of mind against her if necessary. It’s war and all is fair. Meanwhile, Robert meets with Monica in another part of the hospital. The search for Drew found no survivors. He will officially be declared dead in absentia. Monica cries but thanks Robert for telling her in person. When Robert steps away, he runs into Sonny who asks him to tell Dante he has a new sister. Robert will gladly pass on the message. Elsewhere, Martin bumps into Monica. He asks if she is willing to fight for Drew Cain.

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