Valentin listens to Lulu General Hospital
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Sonny has a surprise for Mike General HospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Mike and Sonny startle Dev in the kitchen. Mike starts asking Dev about his grandma and encourages him to talk to Gladys more often. Sonny isn’t happy that his father has been talking to her. After Dev takes off, Sonny quizzes him about Gladys and then tells him that Carly had a baby. Mike gives him a hug and counts all seven of his grandchildren.

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Sam tells Diane about Shiloh General HospitalAt the Port Charles Police Department, Jordan is impressed by Curtis in his tuxedo, but not looking forward to much else. Diane strides in to rant about Sam’s arrest. Curtis makes himself scarce as Jason shows Sam in after paying her bail. The lawyer insists someone is trying to frame her client. Diane and Jordan argue about the case. After the lawyer stomps off, Curtis asks his wife if she really thinks the killing was something other than self-defense. Meanwhile, Jason and McCall go into the interrogation room and she worries someone is manufacturing more evidence against her. Diane joins them and they tell her that Spinelli is checking the evidence.

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Carly has a visitor General HospitalJoss and Jax are at General Hospital visiting her mom. They chat about the baby and how perfect she is. Joss hands her mom a card from Dev. Jax notes that it has a Turkish saying in it. Carly says that he would have been welcome. She thanks them for coming. After they leave, Mike and Sonny stop by to say hello and see Donna. They head down the hall to see the baby in the maternity ward. Jason finds Sonny and takes him aside to update him on the Sam situation. Stone Cold needs to talk to Dev about what happened.

Jax drops Joss off at the Corinthos compound. They chat with Dev and Jax notices that he calls Mike ‘Mr. Corbin’. Dev takes off to see Carly and Jax wonders why he was in such a rush to escape. He knows that something is being kept from him. His daughter admits she’s been lying.

Back at the hospital, Jason heads for the elevators and Dev steps off one. Dev tells him that he overheard Shiloh on the phone talking to someone about money. Sam joins them and Dev tells them about seeing Peter, who was carrying a bag and seemed nervous. Meanwhile, Mike and Sonny return to Carly, who announces that the baby’s full name is Donna Courtney Corinthos.

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Nina doesn't want to listen to Curtis General HospitalAt the Metro Court, Maxie tries to keep the bridal party in line. Nina shows them her new necklace from Valentin. Maxie thinks it will bring bad luck but her boss refuses to believe it. She tells them that it has been a year since she reached out to Sasha. Obrecht hands around champagne and they talk about sisterhood and toast to Madeline. Curtis drops by, wanting a word with Nina. If he’s there to talk her out of getting married, she doesn’t want to hear it. Maxie ushers Charlotte out and Curtis tells Nina how important the truth is. Seeing how happy he makes her has meant that Valentin has won his stamp of approval. She’s thrilled and hugs him. He hands her a handkerchief that Stella gave him.

Valentin is confronted by Lulu General HospitalOutside the chapel, Dustin and Lulu talk about whether she should expose Valentin. The Cassadine suddenly appears and Lulu gives him a warning. He tells her that if it’s not about Charlotte, it can wait. Peter gets twitchy and leads the groom away. Dustin wonders why Lulu stayed quiet. She explains that Nina is the person she needs to talk to and Valentin killed her brother. She wants him punished but needs to make sure she does this for the right reasons. Lulu adds that she used to be the vengeful type but not anymore. Curtis and Jordan show up and meet Dustin. Charlotte and Maxie arrive and the kid tells her mom that Curtis told Nina that you should always be honest. Lulu starts breathing deep as the rest of the bridal party arrives. Inside the church, Valentin and Peter talk about how grateful they are to escape their pasts for the sake of women. They wonder how much they have really given up their dark sides. Valentin says their secrets may catch up with them tomorrow, but not today.

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