Carly is worried about Donna on General Hospital
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In the back hall of The Floating Rib, Finn overhears Hayden on the phone telling her honeybun to sleep tight. He inquiries about her honeybun, who she says is her dog and she has separation anxiety and hearing her voice helps her. Jax gives well wishes on General Hospital At the bar, Ava has a stack of letters from Ryan. Michael approaches to close out his tab. Ava asks Michael to tell his father to stop ignoring her voicemails about Avery. Michael explains he’s been busy with the birth of his daughter. Elsewhere, Jax enters and finds Nina and Valentin kissing. Jax is looking forward to their wedding and hopes it will be a new beginning for them all. Nina agrees to leave past indiscretions in the past. In the bathroom, in a stall Lulu overhears Obrecht tell Sasha that Nina can never find out she’s not her daughter. After they leave, Lulu sneaks out of the stall and curses Valentin. Back in the bar, Obrecht flirts with Jax, while Michael has to go but tells Sasha to stay strong. Sasha's secret exposed on General Hospital Valentin and Nina say goodnight with a kiss as Lulu emerges from the bathroom. Lulu tries to tell Nina the truth but can’t get the words out. Obrecht tells Nina it’s time to get going, so she, Nina and Sasha head out. Alone, Lulu warns Valentin that Charlotte loves Nina and if he does anything to jeopardize that relationship then she will tear him down. Valentin thinks she’s drunk and advises her to go home. Lulu runs into Dustin and they step out for fresh air. Later, Jax finds Hayden with Finn in the back hall, and he says he’s grabbed them a table. She excuses herself, and Finn questions Jax about Hayden’s dog. Jax admits she hasn’t mentioned her dog, but they don’t talk about their lives much. In the bar, Hayden finds Ava in tears. As they bicker, Ava clenches her fist and shatters her martini glass. Hayden asks Finn to look at Ava’s hand. Finn leaves, and Hayden asks Jax why he wanted to meet. Jax asks, “First, why haven’t you told Finn about your child?”

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Sonny has news on Donna on General Hospital In her room at General Hospital, Carly begs Sonny to go check on the baby. Jason arrives and stays with Carly while Sonny checks on Donna. Carly asks Jason what is going on because he wouldn’t have left earlier if it wasn’t important. He fills her in on Sam being arrested for Shiloh’s murder. Sonny returns and says the operation is over and the surgeon is going to come speak with them. Jason steps into the hall to make a call to Diane, and Michael arrives with flowers. They go in to see Carly and Sonny, who just got the news that Donna is going to be fine. The hole in her spine has been closed, and she’ll have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks before she can come home.

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Kevin finds a clue on General Hospital At Wyndemere, Kevin notes Helena’s necklace in the painting reminds him of a constellation, Corona Vera, which translates as true crown or rightful heir. Laura finds a book on the constellation in the library and the myth behind it is about someone who claimed to be the heir to a fortune when they weren’t. Laura thinks the constellation may point the way to the codicil and they discover that it’s most visible in November and from none other than Spoon Island. She wonders if there might be more clues in the painting. Suddenly Nina and the others return, so they have to depart. Later, Nina presents Sasha and Obrecht with gifts. To Obrecht, she gifts a karaoke machine. To Sasha, she gives a replica of the second piece of the heart necklace. Obrecht and Sasha head to bed and Valentin appears to see Nina one last time. He also has a surprise, a diamond necklace.

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Lulu confides in Dustin on General Hospital Dustin and Lulu take a walk through the park. After swearing him to secrecy, she confides the secret to Dustin. She is sure Valentin is behind everything. She doesn’t know if she should tell Nina and destroy her life and has no idea how she will make it through the wedding. He suggests he go as her date to help distract her.

Laura and Kevin enter The Floating Rib and spot Jax with Hayden. She suggests they keep their theory to themselves for now because Hayden may be a wildcard. At their table, Jax tells Hayden she’s eventually going to get caught with all these lies. She refuses to tell Finn because he’s moved on with Anna and the truth will throw both of their lives into chaos. In the ladies’ room, Finn tends to Ava’s wound. She rants that this is Hayden’s fault and warns him that Hayden is clearly still in love with him.

On the next General Hospital:

At the church, Lulu thinks Valentin won’t feel that way once he hears what she has to say.

Nina tells Curtis, “I don’t want to hear it.”

Jax tells Joss that he knows she’s covering something up about Dev.

Carly thanks someone for visiting.

Sam tells Jason and Diane that Shiloh once said something that makes her think he had an accomplice.

Sonny tells his dad that they have a surprise for him.