Jason tries calling Sam but Jerry won't let her answer the phone. He arrives a few minutes later and Jerry tells her to get rid of him – or Jason is dead! He hides. Sam tells Jason that she hung up on him because she didn't want to talk to him on this night because of their past. "I am done being pathetic," she says and tells him to go. Jason doesn't buy her story and looks around but doesn't find Jerry. He leaves. Sam starts to go after him but Jerry stops her. "That was a great performance," he says. He wonders if she meant what she said and she insists she isn't going to be Jason's patsy ever again. Sam asks why they can't be partners and Jerry points the gun at her, telling her to stop switching sides! He says he isn't going to let her wreck his plans and fills a syringe – then gives her a shot! Sam believes he has poisoned her but Jerry says the drug is only going to make her comfortable while they travel. Sam sees her phone and tries to reach it with her foot but Jerry catches her and grabs the phone. She reaches into her pocket, pulls something out and drops it to the floor. Jerry picks her up and carries her out the door.

Jason returns to the condo and calls one of his men about the explosion. He looks down and sees something on the table.

Jason rushes back to Sam's but no one is there. He looks around and sees the piece of equipment on the floor. He hurries out.

Jerry takes Sam to a ship and puts her in a locked room. She is out of it but asks where he is taking her; Jerry won't tell her. "This voyage will be your last," he says.

At Carly's, Sonny tells her not to call anyone. She says she'll do what she wants but doesn't make any calls. She brings up Jax, worried that he won't forgive her, and Sonny tells her to go after Jax. Carly goes off on a tangent about Kate and how worthless she is. Then, she says she can't go after Jax. She says he needs a doctor. He arrives and assesses Sonny's wounds; he says they don't have to worry about the water in his lungs. She makes him soup and forces him to eat. She tries to get him to let her call Jason but Sonny refuses; she says he is in danger but he won't listen. Carly goes back to the kitchen and returns with lukewarm water so she can give him a sponge bath to help his fever. "This is a hell of a way to spend your birthday," Sonny says. He brings up past birthdays and they talk about Michael. "He was so happy," Carly says. Jax returns home and sees them through the window!

At the hospital, Kim orders Patrick to start CPR and then orders everyone else from the room. They watch from the door as Patrick, Kim and the other doctors work to save Robin. After they have Robin's pressure back up, Kim tells Patrick he has to go now. Matt leads him from the room. Anna and Mac ask what is going on; Spinelli and Maxie watch from a few feet away. Patrick can't talk so Matt tells them that Robin's blood won't clot and they might lose her. "No, we won't," Anna says and stalks away. Mac sits down and Spinelli offers to get him something to drink in his Spinelli way. Mac turns him down and starts talking about Robin and Patrick. "She's come close to happiness and something has always happened to take it away," he says. Spinelli tells Mac that Robin is strong and will be okay.

Maxie is the first to go in and sit with Robin. She tells Robin to hold on because they can't face another loss. She begs Robin not to bail out and takes her hand. She says the baby is fine and that one day Robin will be her hero just like Anna is Robin's hero. She says Robin can't leave Emma without a mother the way their mothers sometimes left them. Anna comes in next and tells Robin how much she loves her. She says Robin will know how much she was loved because of Emma. She tells Robin not to give up.

Patrick stands over Emma in the nursery and introduces himself. He whispers her full name – Emma Grace Scorpio Drake – and tells her how much she is loved and wanted by both of her parents. He says he doesn't know how to be a dad; Matt walks in and listens. "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but without your mom, I don't think I can pull this off," he says. Matt comes inside and asks about the baby; Patrick says she is fine and offers to give Matt some time with her but he says no. He turns to go but Patrick stops him, wondering how he can be a father. He tells Matt about the patient he and Robin lost last summer. Matt says Robin is getting the best care available. Patrick says without Robin, he would become a workaholic dad. Matt tells him that Robin isn't dead and says he will figure out how to be the best father for Emma. Patrick worries about that because of Noah's example. Matt says he just has to put Emma first. Patrick walks down the hall to Robin's room. He says Emma is perfect but he is scared that he won't be a good enough father for her. "You're the answer to everything," he says and tells her he loves her.

At the hotel, Lucky and Lulu convince the cops to let Nikolas make a call before they deport him. After making his call, Nikolas thanks the officers for not taking him away and they go downstairs.

Tracy is arguing with the concierge about her car and her jet when Scott returns; a police officer tells her about the high speed chase and says Luke and Laura were probably in the car. She storms over to Scott and says, "You did this!" Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas see them and demand answers. Tracy tells her what they know – which is that Luke and Laura might have been in the car when it went over the cliff. Scott says he doesn't remember anything but then backtracks and says he remembers hitting a guardrail. Lulu accuses him of lying; Nikolas says he will pay for a search party but the officer says the area is rough and they will have to wait until the next day to start.

Next on General Hospital:

Laura makes Luke choose between her and Tracy.

Sonny isn't done with Karpov yet.

Patrick's prayers are answered.

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