Jason and Sam are questioned General Hospital
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Diane defends Jason General HospitalAt the Port Charles Police Department, Diane arrives with Sonny and Dev in tow. She notices that Jordan is questioning Sam and Jason and heads to the interrogation room. When the lawyer joins them, they go over the shooting. Jordan wonders why a skilled shooter like Jason wouldn’t have just wounded Shiloh. Jason gives his account of fighting off Shiloh and Sam saving his life. Jordan agrees to see this as a straightforward case of self-defense. When she walks out, Diane gets a call from Kim and informs her that Liz can’t force Franco to undergo the memory procedure. She’d like to help but her plate is full. Back outside, Dev doesn’t know why he’s there. Sonny assures him that he’s a hero. He wonders why Dev wanted to walk away from the family. Sonny tells him to come to him if he has problems and they will fix them together. Dev gives him a hug. He and Sonny go to the interrogation room and face questions from Jordan. Sonny talks about how much he trusts Dev. After the session, Diane admits to Sonny that adopting Dev could cause problems.

At the Quartermain estate, Olivia is outraged by a call she receives and storms off.

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Joss tells Carly her problems General HospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Carly is impressed by Joss’ ability to make toast. Joss wanted to make up for thinking she wanted to send her away. She tells her mom that Dev isn’t the problem, having him around helps. Everything else seems to remind her of Oscar. She just wants to feel like she can breathe again. Her mom assures her that will happen eventually. They discuss grief and how to manage it. Joss leaves for school. Jason drops in and tells Carly that the cops seem content. He’s more worried about Dev running around. She starts having pains in her stomach and doubles over. She’s in labor and says it’s too soon.

Trina and Cam worry about Joss General HospitalAt Charlie’s, Trina worries to Cam about Joss. He says they need to support her when she needs it. Dustin wanders over to them and says there will be a surprise in class. Outside, Lulu senses her mom has an ulterior motive in asking her to breakfast. Laura wants to quiz her about Dustin, who exits the pub on cue. There’s awkward small talk. Once the teacher leaves, Lulu’s mom ushers her inside. When they sit down, Lulu tells her mom how kind Dustin is and how good he is with Rocco. Olivia storms in and threatens to drag Julian into court. She insists that their deal is done but he reminds her that he has the legal right to back out. She vows this isn’t over. Julian tells Olivia there's nothing she can do General HospitalOn the way out, she eavesdrops on Lulu talking about Dustin and loses it when she hears that they slept together. Lulu refuses to apologize for moving on and Olivia accuses her of sleeping with another man before the ink is dry on her divorce. Laura stands up for her daughter and Lulu insists she wasn’t moving on in revenge. Olivia insists her son will get better and come back. She will respect Lulu’s decisions until she thinks they are adversely affecting Rocco. After she walks out, Lulu assures her mom that she’s not serious with Dustin. That’s a relief to Laura, who wants her daughter to move slow.

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Franco tells Liz she's lost General HospitalAt General Hospital, Liz visits Franco and he reminds her that they are sending him to Shadybrook today. She says it doesn’t have to be that way if he’s willing to co-operate. Seeing how much she loves her husband makes him feel sorry for her. However, he points out that there is a 3 in 4 chance that she will lose her husband forever if they go ahead with Andre’s procedure. He’s not willing to risk becoming a vegetable. She points out that he can’t consent, only she can. He’s sure no court will allow her to force him to have the procedure. Meanwhile, Sam shows up and asks a nurse if she can tell her when Franco is being transferred. The nurse can’t and flashes back to eavesdropping on Jason and Sam discussing killing Shiloh. When Sam bumps into Liz, she urges her not to have Franco transferred. She reminds her of what she went through with Jason. Liz doesn’t appreciate this. Franco is escorted to the elevator by two orderlies. He tells Liz he’s sorry he can’t give her what she wants. She’s determined to force him. Moments later, Sam is at Carly’s bedside with Jason. He urges Carly to breathe. She’s going to have to have the c-section two seeks early. She was hoping Sonny would be there. He arrives.

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The nurse goes to the PCPD to talk to Jordan. Soon, Jordan calls Sam and orders her over immediately.

Dustin takes his students to the park to talk about Thoreau. The discussion of Walden makes Joss upset and she runs away. She goes to Oscar’s meadow and Dustin follows her. She sobs about Oscar and talks about how much he would have loved Thoreau. He suggests that she keep a journal to work through her emotions. They return to the other kids and finish the lesson.

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