Willow worries to Chase about Wiley on General Hospital
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After Jason instructs Dev on the docks to take Wiley home, he runs off to save Sam. Dev sees Peter passing by and asks him for help. Peter begrudgingly agrees.

Lucas tends to Bobbie in her room at General HospitalElizabeth informs Cam at the hospital she had Franco committed. She hopes the procedure will work, but Cam worries it will end up wiping all his memories instead. As Epiphany tends to Franco in his hospital room, she tells him she only cares about Elizabeth in this whole mess. [GH pre-empted at 2:20 – 2:45 due to presidential impeachment news] Aiden visits with Franco. He tells him they used to have a really good time together. He’s sorry Franco doesn’t remember. Cam takes him out so Liz can talk to Franco. Elizabeth apologizes for not telling Aiden she had him committed. She thanks him for being so kind to Aiden and hopes he has a better understanding of why he’s so worth fighting for. Brad prays in the hospital chapel, promising to do anything if God brings his and Lucas’ son home. Willow enters and kneels next to Brad. After Brad has left upon Wiley’s return, Willow thanks God for bringing the boy back to them. She also prays Shiloh is sent straight to hell. Laura finds Peter at the hospital and asks what he was doing at the docks.

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Jax and Sonny face off in kitchen on General HospitalJax pops by Sonny’s to suggest it’s time to call the police about Dev running away. When Sonny nixes that idea, he asks if there’s a reason he doesn’t want the cops involved. Sonny has nothing to hide, but Jax retorts when he has nothing to hide, the people he loves get hurt. Jax leaves as Dev returns home. Sonny tells Dev he is proud of him for being fast on his feet and keeping his word. Dev doesn’t want to cause trouble. He thinks it would be better if he moved on. Sonny says Dev isn’t going anywhere. Whether he likes it or not, Dev is stuck with them. Outside, Joss sees her dad. Jax is glad the boarding school misunderstanding is cleared up, but he’s still wary of Dev. There’s a lot about him Jax doesn’t know.

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As they argue, Shiloh pushes Sam down on a couch on the Haunted Star. After Jason saves her, Sam leaves and Jason stands alone on the deck. Shiloh sneaks behind him and tries to hit Jason over the head with a bat. Shiloh gets the upper hand after they struggle. Shiloh says, “I have waited so long for this.”

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