Shiloh's hostages on General Hospital
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Peter returns to his room at the Metro Court with a bag of cash and stashes it in a duffle bag. In Spinelli’s room, Maxie asks him if Georgie can come to visit soon and meet Peter. Maxie knows he doesn’t like Peter because of what he did to Jason, but he’s turned his life around and he makes her happy. Spinelli agrees to look into it for her upcoming break. Maxie leaves and heads to Peter’s room to tell him about Georgie coming to visit. She wants them to start looking towards the future together. Peter wants that too and claims he’s late meeting and leaves with the duffle bag. Maxie freshens up, makes a call to Georgie, and then finds Peter’s withdrawal slip on the floor. Back in Spinelli’s room, he’s determined to find evidence that Peter is up to no good before he hurts Maxie. Down in the restaurant, Carly explains to Jax that the boarding school brochures are for Dev.

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Joss finds Kristina raiding the fridge at the Corinthos place. She tells her sister that Carly and Sonny want to send her off to boarding school, and she thinks it is because it will be a place that won’t remind her of Oscar. Kristina tells her she knew many women in college who went to boarding schools and loved it, and it may be good for her. Kristina leaves for her place, and Joss looks up the schools online. Later, Jax, Carly and Sonny return home and explain the mix-up with the brochures. Joss disagrees with them about sending Dev away because he loves it there. She also tells them her issues have nothing to do with Dev. Jax and Sonny step outside, and Jax suspects there is something about Dev he’s not telling him. He won’t press it for now, but if things get worse, he will need answers. They reaffirm their truce with one another for Carly and Joss’ sakes. Back inside, Joss apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. She feels like in losing Oscar that she’s lost part of who she is. Carly gives her advice that Jason is always giving her, to take a breath and count to ten to help figure things out. Later, Joss tells Sonny, Jax and Carly that Dev isn’t in his room and a lot of his stuff is gone. She thinks he ran away.

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At the hospital, Chase has to tell Willow that Shiloh’s escaped. Brad overhears and freaks out. In Bobbie’s cubicle, Lucas steps out and calls the police to report that Wiley has been kidnapped. Jason needs Bobbie to think about everything that happened so she can tell the cops. She recalls the events of the evening and the time everything happened. In the hall, Lucas runs into Chase, Willow and Brad and informs them that Shiloh has kidnapped Wiley. Chase promises Willow that he won’t let Shiloh win. Meanwhile, Lucas assures Brad that they will find Wiley and he will be returned to them. Brad says none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him. Lucas tells him this isn’t his fault. Brad doesn’t know how Lucas is holding it together so well. Lucas isn’t, and he’s furious that Shiloh took Wiley from his rightful parents. He doesn’t know how anyone could do that. Meanwhile, Jason tries to call Sam, but she’s not answering. He calls Spinelli and asks him to track Sam’s phone. Spinelli locates it at the pier. Later, Chase learns Bobbie’s car has been found, which means Shiloh is on foot or trying to find another way out of the country.

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On The Haunted Star, Sam tells Shiloh that he’s running out of time and he knows it. Sam asks Shiloh to give her Wiley because he’s scarred, and the boy knows her. He hands him over, and Sam begs him to let Dev and Wiley go. She says he will never make it to Canada because the authorities will be looking everywhere for him. She offers to pilot him to Canada, but only if he lets Wiley and Dev go. Shiloh refuses to give up his son, but she warns him to take Wiley with him would put his son in danger. Shiloh realizes Sam is. He promises to find his son again one day and lets Dev take the boy and go. He then reminds Sam that his dad had a yacht, so he doesn’t need her to pilot this boat. He will get himself to Canada after he’s dealt with her.

Jason runs into Dev with Wiley on the pier. Peter arrives and spies on them as Dev tells Jason that Shiloh is on the boat with Sam.

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