Shiloh in court on General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, it’s the next morning and Michael finds Sasha in the sitting area of her room. Nina worries to Valentin on General Hospital He asks if she’s having trouble sleeping. She’s been reading the news alerts flooding her phone about Cassandra and worries she’s there to finish her off. Michael says she in jail, which is where Sasha believes she will be soon. Michael plans to get her a lawyer and figure out how best to come forward with the truth. She fears everyone will hate her, and hates that this will bring great pain to Nina, Charlotte and even Valentin. At the Crimson offices, Nina worries to Valentin that Cassandra will tell the police that she was the one who put her in a coma and she’ll join her behind bars. He promises he will take care of Cassandra.

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Sonny warns Cassandra on General Hospital At the PCPC, Sonny is permitted to speak to Cassandra alone in the interrogation room since she isn’t talking to Jordan, Robert and Laura. Sonny tells her she should have stayed away and poisoning Sasha and risking his son’s health was a mistake. He tells her to enjoy the rest of her life, what’s left of it. Later, Valentin arrives to see Cassandra. She tries to blackmail him into helping her by claiming she still has Claudette, but Valentin took care of that while Cassandra was in her coma. He tells her goodbye and walks out.

At Kelly’s, Jason and Maxie discuss Shiloh. Jason is worried because rather than take a deal, Shiloh insisted on a trial. Spinelli arrives and Maxie gives him a hug. She leaves to get to work, and Jason asks Spinelli to look into the connection between Shiloh and Peter.

Peter orders a hit on General Hospital On the pier, Peter hands his hired thug a uniform and tells him he’ll be paid upon completion of the job. The guy assures him that Shiloh will soon be nothing more than a bad memory.

Spinelli helps Jason on General Hospital In court, Shiloh is brought in and comes face to face with Chase and Willow. Later, Robert and the ADA prepare Willow before her testimony. Peter enters, and Chase wonders why he’s there. Peter and Shiloh stare one another down, and Peter exits and runs into Jason and Spinelli on his way out.

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Maxie arrives at work and is happy to see Nina back. She brings Nina up to speed on some of the changes she implemented while Nina’s been out. Down in the Metro Court restaurant, Kristina tells Alexis she’s thinking about going back to see Dr. Byrne. Alexis reveals she and Neil are seeing one another now. Kristina doesn’t know what to think and needs time to process the news. Sonny approaches and asks if everything is okay. Alexis has to go because a client needs her. In Sasha’s room, she doesn’t know how she will face Nina now knowing her wedding to Valentin won’t happen. Sasha heads to Crimson, and Nina is happy to see her and asks how it went with Michael. Sasha explains they had a long talk and worked some things out. Valentin bursts in and asks for a moment alone with his wife. In private, he tries to assure Cassandra has been taken care of, and the WSB is coming for her. Nina reminds him that someone already broke her out of their custody once.

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Back in court, Michael, Sonny, Sam and Kristina arrive and the trial begins with the opening remark. Willow and Harmony both give testimony against Shiloh, and Harmony explains she drugged young women for Shiloh to have sex with them. Shiloh’s lawyer begins to tear the testimonies apart, including the lack of evidence of the cup and the drugs. Sam and Kristina also testify, and Sam’s recording is played of the night she was drugged. The ADA questions Sam, who reveals she had hard traces of carvedilol in her system, and she did not willingly take the drug. Shiloh’s attorney cross-examines and brings up Sam’s past with Shiloh’s father. The ADA objects, so the lawyer withdraws the question. Robert and the ADA rest their case. Shiloh’s attorney calls him to the stand.

Laura is Shocked on General Hospital At the PCPD, Alexis arrives and has been hired as Cassandra’s attorney. Alexis informs her that the WSB is working to extradite her, which Cassandra says they need to stop because she must stay in Port Charles. Alexis can delay the extradition if that’s what she wants. In the squad room, Laura and Jordan discuss why Cassandra would have called Valentin. Alexis exits the interrogation room and reveals Cassandra’s decision to stay in Port Charles and face trial there. Back in the interrogation room, Cassandra calls someone and tells them she’s out of options and needs their help, and she won’t hesitate to give them up.

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