Elizabeth confronts Kim on General Hospital
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Elizabeth listens in at Kim’s ajar door as Franco tells Kim they should leave together. Elizabeth opens the door further to see them kissing. Franco notices her. He’s sorry he hurt her and gives Kim a time to meet him on the docks. He leaves. Furious, Liz enters the apartment to confront Kim. She’s appalled upon seeing the remnants of Kim’s night with Franco. Kim defends her actions saying Franco is Drew, not Liz’s husband. Liz slaps her. She accuses Kim of taking advantage of Franco. Kim says it’s Drew’s life and he knows what he’s doing. Franco is gone and Liz can’t get him back. Liz retorts, “Watch me.” She has confidence in Andre reversing the procedure, but Kim thinks it’s sad how she’s clinging to that hope. Franco is gone, Drew is here and he chose her – not Liz. They continue going around in circles, which includes talk of Julian, until Kim orders Elizabeth out. Alone, Kim calls Julian and leaves a message to thank him for everything. She starts to write a letter. Outside, Liz makes a desperate call to Scott to tell him they need to do something now.

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Cam and Joss outside at Kelly'sDustin calls Lulu from Kelly’s to set up another date. After they hang up, Dustin reads Joss’ essay about her greatest influence. Outside, Cam and Joss talk about her moving on with her life. She insists she will but wants to grieve Oscar a little bit longer. She asks about Cam, who she knows is not okay. He beats himself up for hating Franco for so long. He realizes how Franco completed his family, but now he’s gone. Joss assures him it’s not his fault. She then realizes no one has taken their order so she heads inside to get them food. Franco comes upon Cam and tells him he’s leaving Port Charles. Cam feels the need to explain what a great guy Franco was despite him not believing it at first. Franco thanks him for telling him and shakes his hand. Inside, Dustin sees Joss. He tells her he read her essay and he’s impressed, but she’s capable of going deeper. Joss returns to a distraught Cam, who tells her Franco’s gone. She hugs him.

Elsewhere, Kim meets Franco on the docks. He kisses her. They start to leave for the airport, but Franco is dragged away by guys from Shadybrook. Kim frantically calls the police, but Liz arrives. She declares she did what she had to do.

Dustin calling Lulu from Kelly'sAt the Metro Court, Maxie overhears Lulu talking with Dustin on the phone. She presses for details after they hang up. Lulu tries to deflect, but Maxie’s ramblings force her to admit she and Dustin had sex. Maxie is excited, supportive, and laughs when she learns Curtis and Laura walked in on them. Maxie is happy for her, but reminds her that while she should visit “rebound city,” she shouldn’t live there – just have fun. At a nearby table, Jason shows Sonny the police sketch of the guy who attacked Andre. Neither one of them recognizes him. Jason gets a call from Shiloh who tells him to read the next day’s Invader. They did a piece on him, greenlit by Peter. Jason tells Sonny he’s not sure what Shiloh is telling him but he will find out. They head to Lulu and Maxie’s table so Jason can ask Maxie about Peter’s story on Shiloh. Maxie doesn’t think Peter will let Shiloh off easy. Peter is one of the good guys now. The men tell the friends Shiloh called Jason about Peter and they’re trying to figure out why. Alone again, Maxie wonders why Shiloh was talking to Jason about anything, especially Peter. Meanwhile, Jason thinks he needs another set of eyes on the situation – Spinelli.

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Peter pay a man on the docks on General HospitalThe guy from the police sketch meets with Peter on the docks. Peter gives him an envelope of cash, which is less than what they agreed upon since Andre is still alive. However, it’s too risky for him to try and finish the job.

Peter visits Shiloh at Pentonville. Shiloh warns he put Jason on to him to light a fire under him. Peter needs to get him out of prison now. Peter reminds him if he implicates him, Shiloh implicates himself. Shiloh shrugs that he has nothing to lose, while Peter stands to lose everything. Peter agrees to make a plan, but Shiloh thought there already was one. He threatens to call Jason again, but Peter vows to get it done. He’ll be in touch.

Peter meets up with the shady guy again on the docks. He instructs him to take care of David Henry Archer.

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