Cassandra discover on General Hospital
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On The Haunted Star, Curtis and Laura realize they aren’t alone and discover Cassandra hiding in the closet armed with a gun. She knows Curtis is searching for a document that can bring down Valentin. Curtis suggests they work together, but she orders them to tie each other up. Curtis binds Laura’s hands while at the same time questioning Cassandra about her beef with Valentin, Sasha and Nina. The topic distracts Cassandra allowing Curtis to lunge and disarm her. Curtis ties Cassandra up as Laura calls the PCPD to come and pick up a fugitive.

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Nina and Valentin see Sasha to a room at the Metro Court because she needs to stay near General Hospital for a few days. Nina decides to order some fresh flowers and healthy snacks, so she steps out. Valentin demands to know if Sasha told Michael the truth. She yells at him to stay out of her business, but he says this is his business. Nina returns and insists Sasha get in bed and get some rest. In the bar, Obrecht orders a drink.

In the halls of General Hospital, Chase and Michael chat as Willow approaches and reveals she just had her second interview for the pediatric teaching job. Chase has to go, and Willow senses something is bothering Michael. He explains he believed in someone who turned out to be someone he doesn’t recognize. She reminds him that she lied to him about her past. He excuses that because she was protecting Wiley. Willow tells him that some people like Shiloh lie to take advantage of people, but others lie to cover up a mistake they can’t fix. In a room nearby, Brad asks Julian if he took care of Obrecht. Julian couldn’t go through with it because it would ruin things with Kim. Brad reminds that if Obrecht opens her mouth Sonny will kill both of them. Julian points out that Britt and Nelle know the truth too, and he can’t kill them all. Julian tells Brad to man up and do whatever it takes to keep Obrecht happy. In Andre’s room, Finn and Liz discuss the risks of the procedure to help Franco with the doctor. Liz believes Franco would want her to fight to get him back. She exits the room and runs into Chase. She inquiries about Drew and he explains the operation has changed from a rescue to recovery. He has news for her about Franco and informs that he had to remove the ankle monitor. She needs to find him, so admits he was at Kim’s. By the nurse’s station, Willow runs into Wyatt and asks if he’s lost. He shakes his head, and she wonders why he can’t speak. Finn approaches and explains Wyatt had his tonsils out. Wyatt is feeling down because he was trying to help another boy who was scared to have surgery, but everything he was trying to say came out wrong. He brings up that he plays the cello, so Willow thinks there is still a way for Wyatt to help the boy and others. Willow and Finn arrange for Wyatt to perform for the other kids. After the concert, Willow learns she got the job.

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Franco and Kim kiss on General Hospital At Kim’s place, she stops Franco from leaving because she can’t lose Drew again. She pulls him into a kiss, and they head to the bedroom and have sex. Afterward, Kim thinks about the fact that he’s still her friend’s husband and that she’s betrayed Julian. Franco reminds her they were together long before Liz and Julian came along, and now they are back together. They dress and Franco believes they could be happy together. As they kiss, Liz approaches Kim’s door.

Back at the Metro Court, Michael shows up at Sasha’s room. Nina is happy to see him and she and Valentin head to the bar to give them privacy. Michael apologizes for how he reacted – she’s nothing like Nelle. He knows she was trying to help her grandmother, and it doesn’t make her a monster. Sasha knows she has to tell Nina, but Michael doesn’t think now is the time. In the bar, Nina and Valentin run into Obrecht. Nina asks Obrecht if she would walk her down the aisle and gave her away. Obrecht is touched and accepts.

At the PCPD, Cassandra insists on speaking with Laura alone, so they talk in the interrogation room. Cassandra offers to give her the means to neutralize Valentin in exchange for her release. Laura doesn’t have the power to bargain for her freedom and wouldn’t if she could. Cassandra demands her one call and uses it to call Valentin.

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