Carly has Sonny tucked in on her couch, but Jax is at the door! She carefully pulls Sonny to his feet and stashes him in the next room. When Carly finally opens the door, she finds the one thing she's been hoping for - her husband. He tells her that he was driving by and saw the lights and she explains that she's just checking on the house. He buys her story, and then tells her how much he misses her. He asks if she had to choose between him and Sonny, who would it be? Carly says that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and that Sonny is her past. He suggests that they have dinner, but finally she is able to convince him that tomorrow night would be best.

After Jax leaves, Carly puts Sonny back on the couch. He tells her that she should've gone with Jax. She tells him that he really owes her because Jax finally wants to talk about reconciling, but she's too busy saving his sorry life! Sonny thanks her, and says she should go. Carly agrees to go if he'll let her drop him off at the hospital on her way. Sonny reminds her that Karpov needs to think he's dead.

Over at Jason's penthouse, Sam continues to fill Jason in her project to expose Jerry Jacks. She tells him about the clinic fire and her theory that Jerry was behind it as well as the counterfeit drugs.

Things are tense in the delivery room as everyone waits to hear Robin's baby's first cry. Finally, she does and Kelly announces that she's healthy. After a big sigh of relief, the proud mom and dad hold their little girl. Epiphany allows Anna, Mac and Maxie in so they can all be together. Patrick jokes that the baby's name is Millicent, but then tells Robin to do the honors. She announces little Miss Emma Grace Scorpio Drake. When Patrick holds her for the first time, his face grows somber as he says that she has a tiny nick on her ear. Robin's face falls because she realizes that could mean the baby was exposed to HIV.

Patrick sits with Robin as the baby is whisked off for an AZT test, as well as a blood draw. Robin is enormously worried about what kind of life her little girl will have if exposed, and Patrick promises that she'll have all the love and support a person could have.

Out in the waiting room, Mac reminds Anna that Robin's viral load is virtually undetectable. For her part, Maxie rambles to Spinelli turning Emma into a fashion icon before she can walk.

Soon, Epiphany brings Emma back for her first bottle and gives Robin and Patrick some quiet time with their baby. Robin apologizes to her in case she contracted HIV, but Patrick tells his daughter that her mother is a pillar of strength to be counted on. Robin collects herself and promises to give her daughter a life full of courage.

Soon, Anna comes in to meet her granddaughter and gushes over her relentlessly. When Robin worries about the possibility of Emma being HIV positive, Anna promises that she'll worry about her child forever no matter what. Next, Mac and Maxie come in. Maxie is afraid to hold the baby, but she tells her how much they all love her. They talk about Georgie and then Mac promises to be a doting great uncle. Robin beams as she takes it all in.

Out in LA, Nik is unable to gain entry into Scott's room, but Lulu, dressed like a maid, produces a room key. They go inside and look for clues. Instead, they find gum and 'extreme hold' hair gel and finally Luke and Tracy's marriage certificate. They grow concerned about Laura's mental state if Scott has told her about Luke's marriage. Just then, Lucky and a hotel security guard enter the room. Lucky tells the guard that Lulu and Nik are with him, but he says that unless they are cops, too, he'll have to report them. When a policeman arrives, he lets Lulu off the hook as a professional courtesy to Lucky, but tells Nik that his green card will be revoked and he'll be deported immediately.

In a car dangling over a cliff, Laura tells Luke that she's scared. He tells her to unbuckle her seatbelt, crawl over Baldwin and he'll pull her out. She says they can't leave Scott! Then, when she tries to unhook her seatbelt, she finds that it's stuck! Luke pulls Scott out of the car and dumps him on the ground. Then, he crawls into the car to work on Laura's seatbelt. The car promptly goes over the cliff.

After the dust settles, Luke wakes up pinned in the front seat. Laura has ended up in the back seat. She wakes up and crawls out of the window. Luke tells her to go for help, but Laura doesn't want to leave him as coyote food. She finds a large tree limb and is able to pry him free after a few 'shish kabob' cracks by Luke. Once they are both standing outside the car, Luke lightens up and tells her that she looks wonderful. She smacks him across the face and yells at him for marrying her two years ago instead of telling her that he was married to Tracy!

Back in Port Charles, Anna brings Spinelli into Robin's room to meet Emma. Robin tells him that he should be her daughter's honorary uncle, but Mac doesn't want Emma exposed to computer hacking. When Kelly comes in, she announces that Emma is HIV negative. Then, Robin crashes.

Sam keys into her apartment and her phone rings right away. It's Jason, who wants to know if she made it home okay. Sam says that she did, but something isn't right. Just then, Jerry bursts out from his hiding spot and covers her mouth.

Next on General Hospital:

Tracy and Laura's kids look over the cliff for Luke and Laura.

Robin's life is in jeopardy as her friends and family hold a bedside vigil.

Matt stands by Patrick in his time of need.

Carly gets a mob doctor to come to her home for Sonny.

Sonny remembers that today is Carly's birthday.

Carly and Sonny recall happy times with Michael, while Jax looks on.

Jerry orders Sam to dump Jason and then drugs her.

Jason returns to Sam's apartment and realizes that she's been taken against her will.

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