Tamron Hall meets with Jax on General Hospital
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Tamron Hall appears on General Hospital Maxie and Jax meet Tamron Hall at Kelly’s. Tamron is excited to be in Port Charles and eat at the legendary diner. They are thrilled to meet her and explain Nina couldn’t be there due to family issues. Jax asks Tamron if she would consider being on the cover of Crimson. He believes their readers would want to be her and be her friend. Tamron agrees.

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At the coffee house, Laura tells Curtis that before they move forward that she needs to know who he’s working for. He can’t violate his client’s confidentiality, so she asks what they are looking for. He tells her it is a document, and that’s all he can say. She agrees to help him, but for each day she does, he has to give her another detail. With the wedding next week, she can search Wyndemere, but for now, she suggests they search The Haunted Star.

Valentin's best man is Peter on General Hospital Peter drops by to see Valentin at Wyndemere and accepts his offer to be his best man, which also includes being his confidant. Peter asks if Valentin needs to unburden himself of anything, such as what Obecht is holding over him. Valentin says it’s been resolved, and wonders if he is projecting and is the one with a secret. Valentin gives him some advice, leave the past in the past and don’t feel the need to unburden himself to Maxie, but because it will only lead to problems.

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Sasha's secret on General Hospital At General Hospital, Michael and Nina, along with a hungover Obrecht, help escort Nina home. Lucy approaches them and wants Sasha to be the face for the relaunch of her baby Deception. Lucy says she would be her brand ambassador and her face would be everywhere. Nina asks Sasha if she wants to give it a go. Sasha needs time to consider the offer. Obrecht informs Sasha that she can’t leave the hospital except in a wheelchair, and drags her off to find one. Alone, Obrecht tells her being a spokesperson is the worst thing she can do because the press will expose her lies. She tells her to nip this in the bud and walks off. Michael finds Sasha and he asks what that was about. Sasha feels it’s time he knows the truth.

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Julian gets a visit from Wiley on General Hospital Lucas and Brad drop by Charlie’s with Wiley to visit Julian. When he gets a chance to speak to Julian alone, Brad asks if Julian will kill Obrecht. Julian refuses because he has a new life, but Brad doubts it will last long once Obrecht spills the beans and Sonny sends him swimming with the fishes. Lucas approaches and wonders what is going on. Brad covers and says Julian has been telling him how much Kim has been struggling lately. Nearby, Lulu’s on her laptop when Dustin walks in. She thanks him for helping her with Rocco’s party. He admits she’s been on his mind all day. He enjoyed her article on the wine tasting. She’s appalled by it because she’d rather be writing about crime and more exciting things, but this lifestyle column gives her more time with the kids and to get The Haunted Star repaired and reopened. He is a fan of the place, so she offers a tour.

Dustin and Lulu on General Hospital Dustin and Lulu arrive at The Haunted Star and she shows him around as someone watches from the shadows. Dustin thinks it would be fun to take the boat out. Perhaps they’d get a glimpse of Captain Jeremiah’s ghost. Lulu doesn’t know the tale, so he reiterates the story of a lonely sea captain who is forever searching for his wife because her boat went down off the waters of Port Charles. They share a kiss, but he quickly pulls away thinking he’s being too forward. She doesn’t want him to stop so they kiss as the mysterious stranger watches. Elsewhere, Laura and Curtis arrive and Laura wonders why the lights are all on. They decide to get started with their search. They head to the staterooms and walk in on something shocking.

Julian stops by Alexis’ office to let her know that he and Kim are leaving for Manhattan immediately and he wanted to say goodbye. He wants her to know that he didn’t become a better man just because of Kim, but because of her too. Alexis encourages him to stay the man he’s become. They share a goodbye hug.

Maxie meets with Peter at the coffee house and tells him about meeting Tamron Hall. She asks how his meeting with Valentin went. He says it went, and he’s decided to let the mistakes of his past go and focus on the future.

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