Laura advises Curtis on General Hospital
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Jax drops by the Corinthos place to talk to Carly about Joss cutting class and ignoring their texts. Carly heard from Michael, who ran into Joss, and he feels she doesn’t want to come home because she will be in trouble. Jax wants to revisit the idea of Joss spending time with him at his place. He just thinks with the baby coming and Sonny’s cousin living there that it is getting crowded.

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Dev meets Joss at Charlie’s and tells her that Cam and Trina have been texting about where she’s been. He thinks they need to go home, but Joss says she’ll catch up with him. Sonny enters and tells Joss that her mom is worried about her. At the bar, Ava talks with Julian, and she can’t believe he’s really leaving town. She says moving away won’t solve Kim’s problems, and no matter how many times he tries to start over, he will always be a Jerome and will quickly revert back when backed into a corner.

Obrecht chats with Sasha on General Hospital At General Hospital, Obrecht finds Sasha walking and tells her to make sure Nina never learns the truth about her because it will break her heart. Michael arrives, and Obrecht tells Michael not to overtax Sasha because she needs to be well enough for Nina’s wedding. In Sasha’s room, Valentin thinks Nina can finally spend the night at home now that Sasha is better. He also thinks it’s time to discuss their wedding. Nina has an announcement already prepared, which she posts online. Later, Sasha returns to her room for the evening, and Nina and Valentin head home. Sasha asks Michael to stay, but he thinks Obrecht wouldn’t approve. He wonders why Sasha seems so intimidated by Obrecht. Sasha admits Obrecht puts her on edge because she knows she’s not the person Nina wants her to be. Michael promises her whatever she has to tell him, he’s not going to run away from her. However, it can wait until she’s recovered.

Laura warns Curtis about Helena on General Hospital Laura meets Curtis at Kelly’s to discuss Helena. Laura calls Helena the worst of the Cassadines and brings him up to speed on her. She asks why he’s so interested in Helena. Curtis explains that prior to her death there is a rumor that she hid a valuable artifact at the Cassadine estate that can turn the tables on Valentin. If he succeeds in this job then Spencer could return home permanently. Laura knows a few places Helena may have hidden something and insists on helping him find it.

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Joss is upset on General Hospital Joss returns home with Sonny and Dev and apologizes to her parents for making them worry. She explains she realized life was going on without Oscar, and she had to get out of the school. Jax lectures her for being selfish in ignoring their texts and worrying her pregnant mother. Joss storms off and Carly decides to talk to their daughter alone. Jax asks Dev about his first day, and how the school compares to his old one. Sonny thinks it’s time for Jax to leave, so he takes off. Out on the patio, Carly reminds Joss that they don’t have a typical family, so if she disappears and doesn’t answer texts, she worries something could have happened. She also wants Joss to be able to tell her or her dad when things are bothering her. Joss and Carly head back in and Carly suggests they wash up for dinner. Dev left a book in the car and goes to retrieve it, but stays and eavesdrops as Carly tells Sonny that this isn’t working out and they are going to have to send Dev away.

Obrecht walks into Charlie’s and orders a vodka tonic. Ava wonders why she’s not at the Floating Rib. Obrecht reveals she was banned after an altercation with a drag queen at drag bingo, which involved her snatching a wig. When Obrecht comments on a photo of Wiley and his parents, Julian makes her drink with an incredibly strong vodka. Later, Obrecht passes out cold at the bar, and Julian calls Ava a car to take her home. Julian ponders what to do with Obrecht and grabs a knife from the bar. He contemplates stabbing her but doesn’t. Instead, he wakes the doctor up to send her home.

Jax is the sole CEO on General Hospital Nina stops by Crimson to pick up work and runs into Jax. Nina once again accuses him of having an agenda to destroy Valentin and thinks he bought Aurora as a cover. She intends to tell Drew, but Jax says she can’t. Valentin walks in as Jax reveals he’s the sole CEO of Aurora now that Drew’s missing and presumed dead. The news stuns Nina.

Somewhere, a woman with a flashy ring reads Nina and Valentin’s wedding announcement on her phone, which she smashes onto the table.

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