Jordan saves Laura from the press on General Hospital
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Jax, Hayden, Curtis at Aurora office on General HospitalIn the Aurora Office, Jax, Hayden, and Curtis discuss their Cassadine mission. After Hayden leaves to find Elizabeth, Jax asks Curtis who he is actually working for: him, Hayden, Valentin? Curtis admits he made a mistake working for Valentin and it’ll never happen again. Jax appears satisfied and the men get to work on figuring out where the codicil has been hidden. Curtis knows just the Cassadine expert they need.

Sam and Liz argue over Drew on General HospitalSam finds Liz at the hospital. The women discuss Drew’s disappearance and Sam becomes outraged when Liz brings up Franco. Hayden approaches and defends Liz from Sam. Liz admits she overreacted and Sam says she genuinely just wanted to check in on her. Sam leaves and Liz admits to Hayden she was the one who made things worse with Sam. Hayden jokes she would offer to beat her up but she knows Sam would take her down in an instant. Liz worries about telling her boys Drew isn’t coming home, especially with all the Franco upheaval. Hayden says they’ll do it together.

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Sam stops by Aurora upon Jax’s request. He wanted to see how she was holding up over Drew. She’s trying to stay positive. He says he’s providing private resources for the search and then asks her to run Drew’s side of the company. He wants to stabilize it in the wake of his disappearance for Scout’s sake as well as Drew’s if or when he returns. Sam appreciates his concern but she can’t fathom any of this until she knows more about what’s happening with Drew.

Kim and Franco at hotel on General HospitalIn his hotel room, Franco tells Kim about Drew’s plane going down. He holds her as she crumples to the floor. Chase comes to the door to ask Franco questions. He says there is no evidence of any survivors from the wreckage and notes it went down just as Andre was stabbed. Kim steps in to defend Franco and explains they were both at Oscar’s Meadow at the time Andre was stabbed. Chase doesn’t consider Franco a suspect but shows him Andre’s description of the attacker. Franco doesn’t recognize him. Chase leaves and Franco smiles at Kim because she called him Drew while defending him. Kim becomes emotional again and reluctantly leaves.

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Laura is bombarded with questions from the press about the flu outbreak, Drew’s disappearance and Andre as she tries to enter the police station. Jordan quickly saves her by bringing her into the station. Laura wants a rundown of everything that’s gone down recently. After the women catch up, Laura deduces Valentin isn’t telling them the whole story where Cassandra is concerned.

Cam and Trina find Joss at Oscar’s Meadow. They fill her in on the first day at school and the hot new teacher, but she’s still trying to figure out how to move on with her life when Oscar can’t. Cam gets a text from Liz who needs to talk to him right away. He takes off and Trina offers to listen to Joss about what’s happening with her.

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Rocco's birthday party at Charlie's Pub on General HospitalAt Rocco’s birthday party at Charlie’s, Valentin asks Sonny to step outside where he asks him to take care of Cassandra. Sonny reminds him he’s a simple coffee importer. Back inside, Lulu and Olivia notice how quiet Rocco is. He misses his dad. Olivia suggests he open a present before the cake and hands him one from Dante, which is a baseball glove. Rocco says his dad already gave me one though. Olivia says this one is different, better. Rocco tells her to thank his dad for him and runs off. Lulu can’t believe Olivia just lied to her son. Olivia just wanted to make him feel better, but Lulu calls it manipulative. Olivia retorts Lulu might not want to be part of the family anymore but Rocco still is. Olivia then notices the kids playing with Dustin. She demands to know who he is. Rocco explains he’s Mommy’s new friend. Lulu makes awkward introductions to Olivia and Sonny. Dustin didn’t realize there was a private party, but Rocco invites him to stay. As Dustin helps Lulu clean up, Olivia rants to Sonny about Lulu seeing someone new, but Sonny defends his former daughter-in-law. Laura arrives and notices Valentin and Nina. She dances around the Cassandra conversation and makes vague accusations regarding Nina. Trina brings Joss to Charlie’s and points out Dustin, the hot new teacher. Curtis walks in and asks Laura to tell him everything she knows about Helena Cassadine.

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