Shiloh meets Nelle on General Hospital
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Alexis meets with Diane for breakfast at Charlie’s. Diane wants the details on her date with Neil and asks how the sex was. Alexis says they didn’t have sex, but they did have a nice time. Alexis details their date at The Floating Rib through flashbacks. Drag queen bingo on General Hospital They went to the bar to play drag bingo hosted by a drag queen, (played by Manila Luzon). While playing bingo, Neil accidentally brought up his ex. Alexis asked about her. He explained they tried to make things work for their daughter, and perhaps if they hadn’t made such a mess of their family then their daughter wouldn’t have looked to a cult for one. Alexis won a round of Bingo and in the moment of excitement, she and Neil kissed. Diane is thrilled and asks if there will be a second date. Alexis smiles and says, “Who knows?”

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Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital Lucas, with Wiley, meets with Sonny and Carly at Kelly’s. Outside, Joss admits to Dev that the closer they get to school, the more she is dreading it. Dev suggests she skip. Jax approaches and says normally he wouldn’t like a young man encouraging his daughter to cut class but tells her she can take more time if she needs it. She is determined to go back because Oscar never cut. Jax meets Dev, and chimes that he never knew Sonny had other Corbin family members. Dev explains his nana and Mike lost touch years ago. Dev and Joss head to school, and Sonny runs into Jax. Jax says he would have liked a heads up that there is a sixteen-year-old boy living with his daughter. Back inside, Lucas has to run. Before he goes, Carly warns him that she saw Brad talking to Liesl earlier. Lucas leaves, and Jax and Sonny enter arguing about Dev. Jax suggests maybe Joss could move in with him for alternating weeks after he gets a place. Carly wonders if Joss has confided in him about something about how she’s feeling. She hasn’t, but Jax knows she’s going through a lot. Carly will consider the idea, so Jax leaves. Carly tells Sonny that they have to take a step back on adopting Dev.

Obrecht blackmails Brad on General Hospital At General Hospital, Brad fixes the DNA tests for Obrecht and proclaims it is the last favor he’s doing for her. Liesl promises that his secret is safe with her, as long as hers is safe with him. Outside of Sasha’s room, Finn gives Nina, Michael and Valentin the news that Sasha is going to be okay. As Nina and Michael talk, Valentin sees Obrecht strutting around the hospital in a lab coat. He is surprised given she doesn’t work there. She says she likes to play a game of cat-and-mouse with the hospital staff, and is also hoping if she annoys them enough that they’ll let her come back. She lets Valentin know the DNA tests have been taken care of. Later, Finn calls them into Sasha’s room. She is awake and Finn says her lungs are clear and sound good. After spending time with Sasha, Nina and Valentin leave her and Michael to have some alone time. In the hall, Nina runs into Liesl and tells her about Sasha’s recovery. Nina also shares that she and Valentin can finally be married. Obrecht expresses how happy she is for her. Later, Nina again reminds Valentin that he promised to take care of Cassandra. Valentin suggests they don’t have to do anything because Cassandra is now on Sonny’s radar. Elsewhere, Lucas arrives with Wiley and asks Brad about being spotted with Liesl. Brad says Liesl was simply doing one of her drive-bys and being annoying. Lucas heads into the elevator to leave with Wiley, and Brad panics as he watches Liesl and Michael join them. Obrecht notes how lucky Wiley is to have two loving fathers.

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nelle and shiloh team up on general hospital In Pentonville, Shiloh and Nelle cross paths in a common room. She questions him about his cult, and admits she read his book and can’t believe people bought it. However, she thinks they can help each other. Nelle offers to help reunite him with Wiley. He wonders why she wants to help him. She explains they have a common enemy in the Quartermaines. Nelle claims she has a plan that will return his son and his stock to him.

Joss and Dev at school on General Hospital At school, Dev and Joss run into a new kid named Thomas who gets Oscar’s old locker. Inside was a photograph, which Joss asks for. She hangs the photo of herself and Oscar in her locker and heads to class.

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