Andre wakes up on General Hospital
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Diane arrives at the Corinthos estate and Carly asks what is going on. Sonny explains he called Diane about adopting Dev. Carly surprised by Sonny on General Hospital There are a number of hurdles, including Gladys who is his legal guardian, and Carly feels this is a bad idea. Diane leaves them to talk. Carly disagrees that it’s the right move. They should at least get the approval of the other kids

At the Metro Court, Sam asks Michael how Sasha is doing. He explains her situation, and that Sasha told him when she gets better, that she is going to tell him everything about her past and he may not like it. He’s worried what she may be keeping a secret, but Sam thinks the fact that Sasha wants to be honest with him is good. Michael decides to head back to the hospital and check on Sasha. Sam gets a text and says she needs to go there as well.

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At General Hospital, Nina visits with Sasha, and Finn explains to Valentin and Obrecht that they need to make sure the strain of bird flu which infected Sasha isn’t in their system. When he explains the procedure, Obrecht notes it will require testing their DNA and comparing it to one another. Finn gets back to work, and Obrecht tells Valentin it may be best for him if Sasha dies. Valentin would not wish that on the girl, knowing it would destroy Nina. Valentin warns Obrecht that if the truth comes out then he will take her down with him. Obrecht assures him that she can handle the situation. She tracks down Brad, and explains she needs him to falsify some DNA records when a test pertaining to Nina and Sasha comes across his desk. By the nurse’s station, Epiphany tells Mac, Jason and Jordan that Andre was stabbed. Jason wonders who wants him dead. Meanwhile, Peter sneaks into Andre’s room and wonders what he is supposed to do with him. He begins to tamper with his IV when Andre’s monitor begins to go off, so he slips out a back door. Epiphany rushes in with another doctor. They stabilize Andre, who is coming too. When he wakes up, Andre is glad to see Jordan. He tells Mac, Jordan and Jason that someone tried to kill him. He explains he was working in Ethiopia when Drew found him and told him about Franco’s situation. He agreed to return to Port Charles, and when he landed in a driver met him he thought to take him to General Hospital. However, the driver pulled into an alley and stabbed him before running off. Andre was able to use the car to drive himself back to the hospital. He asks if anyone has talked to Drew, but Jason reveals he hasn’t checked in yet. Andre thinks he should have landed in Afghanistan by now.

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Kim and Alexis enter Charlie’s, followed by Franco. Franco introduces himself to Kim’s new boyfriend and apologizes for what happened earlier, which he says was his fault. Julian wonders what happened. Franco claims he found Kim and Oscar’s meadow and upset her. Alexis has to head out so Franco chases Alexis down outside and asks for her legal services. He wants to get his ankle monitor removed, but Alexis refuses to help him. Back inside, Julian thinks this situation is taking its toll on Kim and they should leave town immediately. She agrees.

At Liz’s place, Cam tells his mom that he caught Franco kissing Kim. He also reveals Franco is planning to leave town as soon as he can, and he asked Kim to go with him. Liz believes Andre will be able to fix Franco.

Liz arrives at General Hospital and runs into Jason, who tells her about Andre’s situation. Sam joins them, and Liz and Jason tell her neither of them have been able to contact Drew. Sam calls Drew’s private jet service and learns Drew’s flight never arrived and disappeared from radar as if it had just vanished. Back in Sasha’s room, Nina wishes she could trade places with the girl. She missed so much of her life and doesn’t want Sasha to give up on their future. Sasha says she won’t and will fight. Michael enters to visit, and Nina gives them time alone. Elsewhere, Brad is stunned to learn from Obrecht that Sasha is not Nina’s daughter. He refuses to break the law for her, so she reminds him that she knows he has Michael’s child and she could reveal that tidbit. He agrees to tamper with the DNA tests, but states this is the last favor he does for her.

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Do you remember on September 5, 2014 on General Hospital, Nina wanted Rosalie to seduce Michael, while Patrick kept what he knew about Crichton-Clark from Sam.