Things are tense in Robin's labor and delivery room. Kelly explains that, although the baby's heart rate is dropping a C-section isn't going to be easy because of the baby's position. Kelly fears that cutting right through the placenta might cost Robin too much blood. They decide to wait just a little longer and hope the baby's distress corrects itself.

Out in the waiting room, Anna is very upset and Mac tries to remain calm. Maxie sits next to a very sullen and quiet Spinelli. Matt doesn’t know exactly where he fits in so he rambles out the periphery of the family members and the staff.

Anna is allowed to go see Robin, so she puts on a brave face. She tells Robin that she's nearly a mother now and she needs to give her baby all of her strength. After Anna is asked to leave, Robin calmly tells Patrick that her mother is right. She tells him to save the baby instead of her if it comes down to that.

Somewhere beneath the water in the harbor, Sonny's slow descent comes to a halt when he hits the bottom. As visions of everything significant in his life flash before his eyes, Carly appears, swimming with all of her might. She struggles with the chains around his feet and has to go up for more air several times. Finally, she's able to free him and pull him to the surface.

Once they are on the dock, Carly gives Sonny CPR and realizes that he was stabbed, too! Sonny comes around and asks how she found him. She says that she had a meeting with Karpov and came around the corner just as they threw him in. He demands to know what the meeting was about, but she orders him to lie down! He's bleeding too much for her to handle and she wants to call 911. He tells her no cops! She finally relents and takes him back to her place.

When they arrive, she explains that they've been staying at The Metro Court so no one will find them here. Sonny says that Karpov will think he's dead so he has time to hit back. Carly wants him to stop while he's ahead or her saving his life was a big waste of time. He asks what she was doing meeting Karpov anyway? She tells Sonny that she wanted to prove that Karpov didn't shoot Kate so he wouldn't have to go to war. He tries to get her to leave, but she refuses because she is afraid he'll bleed to death.

Out on the waterfront, Sam's waiting for Karpov, but sees someone else so she draws a gun. When she realizes it's Jason, she puts the gun away and then is knocked to her back by an explosion. After the dust has settled, Jason pulls her out of harm's way. When she comes around, he asks who she thought he was? As sirens draw near, Jason picks up part of the detonator and gets her out of there.

When they get back to Jason's place, Sam is just finishing her story about her work with Karpov and Jerry. Jason asks a few questions and wonders if Karpov was behind the explosion. She asks why he was on the waterfront and he says he just wanted some fresh air because he was worried about Robin and her baby.

Out in Los Angeles, just as Scott pulls up to the hotel Laura locks eyes with Luke as he stands next to Tracy's cab. Scott peels off and Luke tells the cabbie that he's with the CIA and steals the cab.

Tracy tries to calm the driver, but then Nik, Lulu and Lucky show up and ask what she's doing here? The driver explains that her husband, the CIA driver, took his car! Lucky laughs and says that means 'Constantly Irritating Anyone'. Nik gives the guy his card and promises to make it up to him. After the driver leaves, Lucky and Nik lay into Tracy for not letting them know that Luke had found Laura. Tracy explains how she and Luke made it back from Mexico and then came out here. She says that their father had been charging all of his living expenses on Scott's credit card for months, so he was notified when charges were made in LA. Lulu asks Tracy why she is helping their dad find their mom. Tracy calmly says that she has no ill will toward Laura and is merely concerned for all involved. She warns them that no matter how much Luke and Scott love Laura, they hate each other more.

As their car races along a winding canyon road, Laura tells Scotty that he can't make her love him by keeping her away from Luke. Scott says that they just need a little more time, that's all. Laura says that she can't tell if he loves her or just wants to beat Luke! Scott says that he has fallen in love with her all over again and besides, Luke is a liar. Laura tells Scott that she never expected Luke to stop his life at the Shadybrook door and that she's glad he moved on.

From the stolen cab right behind them, Luke pulls his cell phone out and calls Scott. Scott answers and tells him that he's going to get them all killed. Laura yells to Luke in the background to tell him that she's okay. Then the connection goes dead because Scott has thrown his phone out the window. Luke can see that Scott has sped up even faster. Then he watches in horror as Scott makes a hard turn and crashes. Luke races over to the car and finds it teetering over a ridge.

Back at GH, the baby's heart rate is down to 60, and Kelly has to do an emergency C-section. Patrick holds Robin's hands and tries to keep her calm, but they can hear Kelly and Liz talking about how much Robin is bleeding. Patrick begs Robin to stay with him, but she can barely keep her eyes open. Finally, Robin stabilizes and Kelly reaches the baby. They pull her out, but she doesn't make a sound.

Next on General Hospital:

Luke pulls Scott out of the car, but he and Laura plunge over the cliff.

Laura is able to pull herself from the car, and then Luke.

Then, she smacks Luke in the face for not telling her that he had remarried!

Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu are caught breaking into Scott's room.

Nik faces deportation!

Robin loses consciousness.

Jax finds Carly at her house to talk about reconciliation, but she dodges him because of Sonny.

Jerry nabs Sam.

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