Kim and Franco continue to bond General Hospital
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Sonny and Olivia talk Dante General HospitalSonny drops by Charlie’s to see Olivia and get confirmation that Julian is leaving Port Charles. She assures him he’s leaving for New York. Liv hopes that Kim finally gets some peace. This all makes her think about Dante. They discuss their son as she measures things. He offers her Corinthos Coffee on the house and takes off.

At the Metro Court, Jordan tells Curtis that spying on Jax was a bad idea. He says he will avoid working for Valentin in the future and has a lead on a new gig. She’s not happy to hear Hayden is involved. Across the room, Mike introduces her to Gladys Corbin. Carly is skeptical and sends a text to Sonny.

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Hayden tells Curtis her plan General HospitalJax is on the phone with Carly, who assures him that she will be okay after injuring her leg. He heads into Liz’s place and Hayden tells him that their plan isn’t working. She informs him that she’s brought in Curtis to help. Jax explains that Curtis has been spying on him and she just destroyed their plan. He’s about to walk out as Curtis arrives and breaks the news he no longer works for Valentin. However, he thinks that Hayden is up to something shady. She fills them in on Valentin faking the will and says Spencer will give him a cut once he’s got the fortune back. Curtis agrees to work with them as long as they tell Nina quick.

Liz and Julian discuss Kim General HospitalCameron is at General Hospital with his mom. She apologizes for being distracted lately and tells him that she is working on bringing Franco back. He’ll try to be strong until Franco comes back. After he takes off, Julian approaches her and they discuss her concerns regarding Kim. Liz senses Kim has feelings for her husband. He wonders if she might be over-reacting, but she worries that Kim may be getting re-attached to a ghost. Julian reassures her that this will all end soon. Meanwhile, Jordan gets off the elevator and Epiphany takes her to see a patient. It’s Andre and he’s unconscious. Curtis arrives and Jordan tells him that Andre arrived without Drew.

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Joss rolss her eyes at Dev General HospitalDev and Joss are in the park. He complains about having to drive her around to buy a gift for Jax. They talk about school. She’s not looking forward to it. He asks her to quiz him on his cover story. Cam and Trina join them. After some banter, Joss and Dev take off. Trina says they need to get Dev to be into her. She wants him to push Dev in her direction. Meanwhile, Franco and Kim are in Oscar’s meadow. She’s starting to think this was a bad idea. He tells her he’s leaving town because he can’t be the man people want him to be. The only thing he knows is the navy but doubts he can go back. He asks her to tell him more about Oscar. She made him rethink everything in his life. When she got pregnant, she made the wrong choice by not telling him and would do anything to take it back. She tells him about watching Oscar grow up and how easily they got along. Franco and Kim talk about her past with Drew General HospitalHe thanks her for giving him a picture of their son and runs a finger through her hair. She wishes that things were different and tells him about how she dealt with Oscar’s sickness and how lucky he was to be united with the Quartermaines. It was a relief to her to find out what Helena did to Drew because it meant he was innocent. He wrote to her and imagined a future for her when he didn’t hear back. Kim tells him that she didn’t find fireworks when she tried to move on without him. They talk about how irreplaceable they were to each other and kiss.

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Julian drops by Charlie’s and tells Olivia how eager he is to move on with Kim. She’s happy for him.

Carly meets Gladys General HospitalJax, Joss, and Dev arrive at the Metro Court. Mike introduces them to Gladys. Dev and Gladys pretend to recognize each other. Carly shakes her head. Sonny soon arrives. After Mike leaves to make a call, Sonny sends Dev off and then warns Gladys not to try to renegotiate their deal. Once he sends her away, Carly worries that this is getting too messy. Meanwhile, Joss and Jax talk about not spending enough time together. She brings out a cake she made for him for Australian Father’s Day.

Liz goes home and tells Hayden that she and Scott have hatched a plan to keep Franco in Port Charles. She’ll have him committed until Dr. Maddox can sort him out. Hayden’s doubtful that will work.

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