Liz has a plan on General Hospital
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Ava disturbs Julian at Charlie’s early in the morning to read him a love letter from Ryan that came in the mail. Shirtless Julian Jerome on General Hospital He thinks she shouldn’t have opened the letter in the first place, and she is giving Ryan power over her.

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Mac's news on General Hospital Kristina meets Sam for breakfast at the Metro Court, and they discuss Shiloh’s hearing today. Sam fears he will wiggle his way out of the charges. Nearby, Mac and Felicia spend time with James, who they had for the night. Mac tells Felicia about Jordan’s offer. Felicia screams, “Thank God, accept the position!” In Peter’s room, Maxie sleeps as Peter worries about his deal with Shiloh. Maxie awakens and can see something is bothering Peter. He feels he needs to be honest if they are to truly love one another and confesses his involvement with Helena to her.

Jason stops Franco on General Hospital Jason runs into Franco at Oscar’s meadow. Jason doesn’t want to see him hurt the people he cares about, which includes Monica who has questions about Drew’s past. Franco would be happy to talk to her but feels it would be better for everyone if he left town. Jason points out that Franco made promises to Liz and her sons, and wonders if he’s okay breaking them.

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Smug Shiloh on General Hospital At the PCPD, Shiloh is waiting in the interrogation room for his arraignment and gloats to Chase that he’ll be going free. Alexis enters, and he tells her that he’s had time to reflect on all that’s happened, especially what he learned from Kristina and Sam. Alexis suggests Chase muzzle Shiloh and walks away.

Liz runs into Kim at General Hospital. Liz asks her if she’s been avoiding her lately because of the situation with Franco. Kim apologizes and finds the whole situation disconcerting because while she sees Franco, she hears Drew. However, she is planning to spend her life with Julian, just as she is with Franco. Kim promises to get in touch before she leaves town, and she departs.

Peter and Maxie in bed on General Hospital Back at the Metro Court, Jason meets up with Sam and Kristina in the restaurant. In Peter’s room, Maxie cries that Peter’s revelation can’t be true. Suddenly, Jason enters and shoots Peter. Peter wakes up from the nightmare, and Maxie reassures him. Maxie says they still have plenty of time this morning to enjoy one another, but he claims he got a text and a meeting has been moved up and he has to go. Back in the restaurant, Kristina hopes to find love as great as Sam and Jason’s one day. She heads out, and Sam tells Jason how well Kristina is doing. She can see something is bothering him, so he tells her about his run-in with Franco earlier. Elsewhere, Felicia tells Mac that she knows how much he enjoys police work, and she loves running the Rib by herself. She’s made a ton of changes since he left, and their revenues are booming. She also enjoys their time apart because it makes it exciting when he comes home]

Scott arrives at Liz’s place and learns about Franco’s visit the previous night, and his threats to leave town. Liz feels they have to stop him, and as Franco’s wife, she can have him committed to Shady Brook and force him to undergo the procedure with Andre because he’s not in his right mind. Scott has his doubts but agrees to go through with her plan.

Kim visits Oscar’s meadow and tells her son that she’s going to try and make a new start in Manhattan. Franco approaches and asks why she didn’t tell him about this place. She didn’t have the chance before and tells him about the memorial they held for him. He wishes he got to know his son. He asks Kim about the guy she’s seeing and if it is serious. She says it was something casual at first, but she fell in love with him. She had no other serious relationships since Drew. Franco lets her know that he’s planning to leave town.

Alexis meets with Kendra at Charlie’s. Kendra has put together a new holistic life plan for her. Julian and Ava interrupt to ask if there is a way to force Ryan to stop writing her, but Alexis says there isn’t. Her advice is to mark them return to sender and not read them. Julian suggests she tear it up, but she seems unable to. Meanwhile, Alexis looks over Kendra’s plan for her and jokes, “Are you trying to kill me.”

Peter sneaks in to see Shiloh at the PCPD and tells him he needs time to get things into place, but Shiloh wants him to hurry it up. Later, Chase escorts Shiloh to his hearing.

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General Hospital will air an encore episode on Labor Day and return with a new episode Tuesday September 3.

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