Valentin makes Curtis an offer on General Hospital
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At the station, Jordan tells TJ not to worry about taking out loans for school. She’s back to work full-time and Curtis is taking on extra gigs. TJ questions what his uncle is up to. Jordan assures him it’s fine and they’re happy to help him. TJ TJ questions Jordan about Curtis on General Hospitalsays she’s starting to sound like Aunt Stella and they discuss her trip. TJ finds the whole thing odd. After he leaves, Jordan looks dismayed when she opens a letter. In the interrogation room, Michael informs Robert that he saw Cassandra in possession of medication that ELQ was once interested in. He notes it’s only available in a few countries where Cassandra could show up if she needs a re-fill. Robert says this is the best lead they’ve had all month.

At General Hospital, Valentin offers Curtis five million dollars if he can bring Cassandra to him. Curtis won’t hand her over to be murdered. Valentin dismisses the accusation and encourages him to take the offer. Curtis advises him to drop it because there are some lines he just won’t cross. When he walks away, Jordan calls. She wants to meet up to discuss something. In another corridor, Jax finds Sonny questioning Nina about Cassandra. He wants to know why Cassandra is after Nina. Jax is curious too but now is not the time. They need to find Cassandra before she can target someone else. Sonny’s already on it. He walks away leaving Nina to thank Jax for intervening. Jax was happy to help but also knows that she and Valentin paid Curtis as a plant. Before she can explain, Michael and Valentin arrive. Jax says they can discuss it later and leaves to change the locks in his office. Valentin asks Nina how much he knows. Nina says, “All of it.” He thinks Jax has a connection to Cassandra, but Nina doesn’t believe that to be true. In Sasha’s room, Finn encourages his patient to have a positive attitude. Speaking from experience, mind over matter can work. After he leaves, Michael sits with Sasha. He asks if there’s any family she’d like him to call. When she tries to change the subject, he notes she often deflects when he brings up family. He assures her no matter what’s in her past, he’s in this for the long haul. She promises, when this is all over she will tell him everything. He deserves to know the truth even if he doesn’t like it.

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Jax finds Curtis at the Metro Court and fires him. Curtis looks at Valentin’s number on his phone, as Jordan blows in. She tells her husband their insurance isn’t covering as much of her surgery as she hoped. She was worried but thinks between his gigs and her salary, they’ll be okay. Curtis grimaces and then calls Valentin to talk about his offer. Sonny joins Jax at his table. Because Michael could end up in her crosshairs, the men agree to keep each other updated regarding Cassandra. Sonny also warns him that Nina is hiding something about her.

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Alexis looks at Neil's dating profileMolly walks up on Alexis looking at Neil’s online dating profile at Charlie’s. At the bar, Hayden checks up on her daughter via phone while looking at one of her finger paintings. She overhears Molly ribbing Alexis about her dating history. Hayden hears Finn’s name and sits down with the ladies. They talk about Molly’s article on the Cassadines. Hayden thinks it’s a great idea and would be happy as a Cassadine widow to talk to her about her time at Wyndemere. Molly passes on talking right then and Hayden moves to another table. Alexis and Molly wonder what that was all about and then Molly sits at her own table. TJ joins her and muses on Stella’s relative and the ancestry company Stella used. Neil walks in and Finn follows, running into Hayden. He questions the finger painting and she lies it’s Aiden’s. They joke around as Robert walk in. Hayden leaves the men to talk. After warning Finn about hurting Anna, Robert informs Finn he has a lead on Cassandra and needs his help tracking her down. Finn suggests Bolivia might be a good place to start. As Neil gets a drink at the bar, he sees his dating profile on Alexis’ laptop. Mortified, she tries to explain. She promises she didn’t search any of his details. He encourages her to ask away and she obliges. They engage in some light first date banter and he says he’s looking for someone who challenges him… someone like her.

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