Franco at Liz's door on General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Jordan tells Curtis she has the all clear to return to work. Elsewhere, Monica informs Jax that he and everyone at Aurora need to be tested and given a round of antibiotics due to Sasha’s virus. Nina calls Jax a liar on General Hospital Outside of Sasha’s room, Nina tells Valentin she wants Cassandra alive or dead. Valentin promises to take care of it, but he won’t involve her. He leaves, and Jax checks on Nina. She lashes out at him for lying to her from day one, and she knows he has a file on Cassandra Pierce. Nina reveals she’s the one who tried to kill Sasha. She asks if he knows where Cassandra is, but he doesn’t. She doesn’t know if she can believe him seeing he’s working some angle against her and Valentin. He promises her that he admires her, but Valentin is a different story. She cries, “If this is how you treat your friends, then I don’t want to be your friend.” Cam question Jason on General Hospital Near the nurse’s station, Jason runs into Cam. Cam was waiting to talk to Franco’s doctors about his condition and realizes Jason has gone through something similar. Jason admits he doesn’t remember his past, but after years he forged a relationship with the Quartermaines. Cam vents that his brothers don’t have years for Franco to come around. Later, Monica questions Jason about Franco. She is worried he will bolt because this might be her only chance to learn who Drew was growing up.

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At the Corinthos estate, Michael tells Sonny about Sasha being infected by Cassandra Pierce. Sonny wonders if this was to punish him, but Michael explains it is about a beef she has with Nina.

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In the park, Lulu watches Charlotte and Rocco play baseball. Rocco declares to his mom that he hates this game and wants to leave. Rocco is angry with Lulu on General HospitalLulu says he can’t let his team down. Rocco vents it’s okay for his dad to quit and wonders if he’s ever coming home. Dustin, who was jogging by, walks up with Rocco’s mitt that he tossed aside. He offers to give Rocco some tips and helps the boy to catch better. Rocco proclaims Dustin to be cool and gets back to the game.

Liz is shocked to find Franco at her door. He wants to talk, so she invites him in. He also asks her to call him Drew and is confused as to why she and others want Franco back seeing he’s a killer. She explains Franco had a brain tumor which drove him mad, but he changed once it was removed. She reveals that Dr. Maddox, the man who perfected the memory transfer, is coming back to Port Charles because Drew’s gone to find him. Franco refuses to talk to Dr. Maddox or give up his life. He sees this as his chance to live the life he was robbed of. Liz says it’s the life Drew was robbed of, and Franco was robbed of his. Franco doesn’t know her or her children and just wants to live his life. He returns her wedding ring and goes to leave when Cam walks in. Cam is delighted to see Franco and asks him to stay for dinner. Cam thinks he owes it to Franco to try and make things work, but Franco can’t be something he’s not. Franco leaves, and Cam sees his wedding ring on the table. Cameron storms off to his room and Liz calls someone and says, “I need a lawyer.”

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At the PCPD, Mac tells Robert that his days as commissioner are about to be over. Robert senses Mac is sad to go and tells his brother to just admit he likes police work. Jordan and Curtis walk in, followed by Sonny and Michael. Sonny wants to know what is going on with the search Cassandra. Mac and Robert have been trying to track her down, and Robert has some questions for Michael about his interactions with Cassandra. Meanwhile, Curtis gets a text from Valentin to meet, so he leaves. Jordan asks Mac to stay on as Chief of Detectives and he accepts the job. Later, Robert questions Michael in the interrogation room and Michael has an idea of how to find Cassandra.

Back at GH, Valentin asks Curtis to find Cassandra Pierce before the WSB does as Jax eavesdrops on them. Meanwhile, Sonny finds Nina questions her about her and Valentin’s history with Cassandra. She refuses to talk, and Jax interferes when Sonny won’t let it go. Elsewhere, Jason tells Monica that Drew knew about the Quartermaines and thought they gave him up. Monica thinks she needs to reach out to him and let him know he should have been a Quartermaine. Jason apologizes to her for the way he treated her and Alan for so long.

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