Sonny questions Dev General Hospital
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Chase shows up at the Corinthos compound and informs Sonny that Barry, the foreman at the coffee warehouse, has gone missing. He and his partner haven’t come up with any leads about why Barry would go missing. When he spots Dev, he wants to question him. Dev says that everyone loved Barry and he was planning to go to Atlantic City, but his wife hated the place. After Sonny shows Chase out, Dev asks if they think the cop bought what he said. Jason and Sonny are not happy that Dev just lied to the cops to cover for them. Dev is bewildered. Sonny takes him outside and points out that he should have kept his mouth shut instead of giving them a story they could check on. When Dev asks what happened to Barry, Sonny claims he’s clueless. Back inside, Jason tells Carly about Barry stealing from them. She worries that Sonny is too close to Dev and making bad choices. She approaches her husband and worries about the cops digging into Dev’s background. He assures her that he will keep an eye on Dev, who happens to be eavesdropping.

Bobbie throws water at Scott General HospitalBobbie joins Scott at Charlie’s and tells him she caught the bouquet at the vow renewal ceremony but is nowhere close to getting married. He worries about Franco. She wishes she could help. When he requests that she make a fake diagnosis for Franco, she throws her drink in his face. He apologizes and says that she’s all he’s got. Franco is the first child he’s really been able to help and how he’s gone. She gives him a hug.

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Obrecht slaps Franco General HospitalObrecht shows up at Franco’s room at the Metro Court and instantly slaps him across the face, demanding he snap out of it. He’s confused. She barges in and reminds him that he’s her only friend and she refuses to humor his delusions. He repeats that he’s Andrew Cain. He feels sorry for Franco and the people who care about him, but he’s determined to live with the mind he has now. Liesl is convinced that Franco still exists deep inside him. None of this clicks for him. She doesn’t understand what he sees in ‘mousy’ Elizabeth, but he fought for her so should stick with her. She points out that he is only Franco to himself and should acknowledge who he is to everyone else.

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Liz confides in Epiphany General HospitalEpiphany drops by Liz’s place to check on her. Liz can’t fathom the idea that Franco might never come back to her. She wishes she could get through to him and worries he will vanish after the legalities keeping him around no longer apply. Drew said that if she keeps pushing him, he might pull away more. Epiphany thinks that’s ridiculous and advises her to stop listening to other people’s advice.

Kim asks Julian to marry her General HospitalKim sits in Oscar’s Meadow, ignoring a phone call from Liz. She’s distracted by thoughts of Franco reminding her of her past with Drew and kissing her. Julian joins her and excitedly talks about real estate. She stops him long enough to ask him to marry her and suggests they head for the courthouse. He worries that she’s proposing to make a statement to Franco. Kim admits that factored into it, but she still wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Julian doesn’t want her to make a choice like this impulsively.

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Nina tells Valentin her suspicions about Cassandra General HospitalMichael arrives at General Hospital and Finn informs him that Sasha has bird flu. Michael is perplexed and Finn wants him on anti-virals just to be safe. In Sasha’s room, Nina is shocked to be sent a picture of Sasha with Cassandra and Michael on the island. She gasps, makes an excuse and runs out. Valentin arrives and she shows him the photo, guessing Cassandra targeted her daughter. They take this to Finn. He explains that if Sasha was targeted, this will be even harder to treat. Valentin doesn’t want to go to the authorities about this, but Finn insists. Meanwhile, Michael goes to check on Sasha. Valentin and Nina return and show her the photo and explain who Cassandra is. She and Valentin exit and she blames herself for this mess. Down the hall, Chase shows up and his brother informs him that they may be in a dangerous situation. He tells him about Cassandra and thinks the cops should be guarding Nina and her family. Meanwhile, Kim and Julian arrive at the hospital. He promises to spend the rest of his life with her. As they kiss, Franco steps off the elevator and spots them. Obrecht arrives and Epiphany informs her that she needs to do some anti-virals.

As Liz is about to leave her house, she opens the door and finds Franco there.

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