Carly and Sonny's family at their vow renewal General Hospital
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Diane and Alexis collapse in the park after a jog. A woman, Kendra (played by Michelle Argyris), jogs by and starts doing stretches, commenting on their fitness. Willow agrees to move in with Chase General HospitalThe lawyers rush off. Meanwhile, Chase and Willow meet and he asks her if she’d like to move in with him. She raises an eyebrow and says that’s wonderful but wonders if he’s really ready for this. He assures her that he wants to live with her and all her stuff. She worries that she’s too annoying to live with. He promises to be honest with her and points out how good this could be. She agrees to move in and hopes they can learn to cook together.

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Sonny and Carly's vow renewal General HospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Sam and Kristina discuss how over-the-top this commitment ceremony seems to be. Kristina suggests that her sister and Jason could use some over-the-top gestures themselves. Jason arrives with Sonny, Carly and Michael coming in soon after. They realize that Dev and Joss are gone with Sonny’s car. Before Carly can explode, the kids return with a bouquet for the ceremony. Michael and Kristina are enjoying having a normal family event. Mike and Bobbie arrive as Avery comes out in her flower girl outfit. Bobbie takes photos and Mike tells his son that he’s seen photos of his wedding to Yvonne. They reminded him that Sonny was there, and he thanks him for it. The ceremony kicks off with Avery throwing flowers. Sonny tells everyone how much he loves them. Carly explains it’s not always easy to love Sonny but makes her vows. He tells her that she’s always the hand he reaches for and makes his vows. He’ll love her more than she’ll ever know. Everyone claps after they kiss. Kristina whispers to her mom to toss the bouquet to Sam, but when Carly throws, it winds up in Bobbie’s arms. As the celebration winds down, Sam tells the couple how much she loves them and exits with Kristina. Michael congratulates his parents and leaves. Soon after, Chase arrives. He has some questions about the former foreman at Sonny’s warehouse.

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Jax and Hayden discuss Valentin General HospitalHayden joins Jax at Charlie’s and they discuss his lunch with Liesl. He thinks that Obrecht can be a helpful ally for them against Valentin. He admits that he feels bad for Nina since she’s in love with a lethal man. It reminds him of his relationship with his brother. Hayden is disturbed to see how sympathetic he is to Nina. He changes the subject. They need to get into the throne room of Wyndemere so they can get the will that will restore the Cassadine fortune to its rightful heir.

Nina visits Sasha in hospital General HospitalNina visits Sasha at General Hospital. They wish they knew what was wrong with her. When Nina walks out, she bumps into Finn, desperate for answers. He tells her that Sasha has a rare case of bird flu. They can treat her, but it might be too late. Epiphany gives Sasha some pills to take. Finn questions the patient about her contact with birds and she starts to worry that Michael might be contaminated. When the doctor and Nina exit the room, she makes him confirm that this is the best place for Sasha’s care. Nina returns to Sasha and worries that she’s hovering too much. She comforts Sasha until she drowses. When Nina gets a text, she gasps to open it and sees a photo of Cassandra with Sash and Michael on the island.

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Alexis and Diane discuss Neil General HospitalAt the Metro Court, Alexis tells Diane that she has been broadening her horizons since her therapist fired her. She explains that things got too personal with Neil. Diane gossips about going on a booze cruise with Max. Neil was there too… with another woman and they were not having a good time. She tells Alexis about his online dating profile. Alexis insists that she doesn’t want to get mixed up with something this messy, but her friend says that messy can be wonderful. Across the room, Kendra looks at articles on Alexis’ hit and run. She interrupts the lawyers and asks if they need a personal trainer. She leaves a business card and brochure with Alexis.

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