Helena and Peter on General Hospital
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At Sonny’s warehouse, the foreman tells Jason that the money for a bank deposit is missing from his desk and he suspects Dev. Jason questions Dev, who swears he never touched the cash and thinks the foreman is setting him up.

At the Metro Court, Sonny catches Ava drinking and reminds her not to be hungover for her day with Avery tomorrow. Sonny walks off and Chelsea arrives to meet with Ava. Ava tells her that last night Kiki visited her while she was sleeping. Chelsea doubts it was real, but she thinks Kiki would want her to pull herself together and stop drinking all day. In the Crimson office, Lulu tells Maxie the divorce went through this morning, and she’s no longer Dante’s wife. Lulu doesn’t know how to move on. Maxie suggests she go out with Dustin. Lulu doesn’t want to think about men and instead plans to focus on her career.

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Trina finds Cam with his car at the park, and Cam reveals he’s selling it and has an interested buyer on the way. He thinks the car is cursed and connected to bad memories.

At General Hospital, Drew reveals to Scott and Liz that Shiloh put his memories in Franco in order to get his hands on some money that Drew knew the location of. Drew needs a moment alone with Liz, so Scott leaves. Drew reveals the money was hidden in Tex’s wife’s car, and he suspects its Oscar’s car. He admits he’s been getting these senses of the memories he lost, and that’s why he bought that car for Oscar. In the hall, Franco asks Kim about Oscar and can’t believe she didn’t tell him that he had a son. She reveals she didn’t know she was pregnant when Drew left, and he never reached out to her. Franco claims he wrote her every month for two years and stopped when she never wrote back.

Peter visits Shiloh in Pentonville, and the cult leader gloats that he knows things about Peter’s past that he’d like to forget. Shiloh reveals he was the one who delivered Drew to Helena years ago, and after the job he spied on her as she met with Peter. In flashbacks, Helena praised Henrik for being so efficient in arranging everything. Shiloh tells Peter that he also recalls hearing him telling Helena they were working to acquire the other twin. Peter wonders what he wants. Shiloh wants Peter to get him out of prison.

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Back at the warehouse, the foreman says Dev is lazy, disorganized, and hasn’t done anything since he got there. Sonny walks in, and Jason explains what is going on. Sonny tells Jason to search Dev, who is clean. However, Jason finds the envelope in his jacket. Dev swears the foreman set him up, and Jason discovers there is three thousand missing from the envelope. Sonny accuses the foreman of framing Dev and treating himself to the missing money. He apologizes, but Sonny tells him to consider it his severance pay and suggests he relocate to another coast. The guy flees, and Dev thanks Sonny for believing in him.

At the park, the buyer for Cam’s car arrives. As Cam’s about to accept the buyer’s payment, Drew stops him. Drew explains he can’t sell the car and to trust him. The buyer leaves in a huff, and Drew finds a tightly wrapped package hidden in the trunk.

Scott arrives at the Metro Court to meet Ava just as Chelsea takes off. Ava is expecting a lecture from him, but he wants to join her in day drinking. He tells her abut Franco, which she considers a gift and says she’d love a new life and to forget her past. Back in the Crimson office, Maxie and Joss decide to go out for food, and Maxie calls Dustin to arrange for a ride for them.

Back at General Hospital, Chelsea runs into Liz. Liz asks the psychic if her husband can be saved. Chelsea tells her that she needs to keep a firm grip on the one she loves, no matter what. Elsewhere, Kim tells Franco that she never received any letters from Drew, and when she tried to reach him, his superiors told her his location was sensitive. Franco asks if they can go somewhere to talk, but she thinks it is a bad idea and runs off in tears. Later, Drew runs into Franco and reveals he found the cash, which Franco wants to return to the people of Afghanistan. Drew asks Franco not to leave town and offers to deliver the cash. When Kim rushes by with a box containing the contents of her office, Franco tells Drew he thinks he should be the one to go because he has duties here in Port Charles.

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