Franco listens to Shiloh General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, Carly gives Dev his severance pay. Jax and Joss sit at a table. He thinks they should call Dev over, but she disagrees. Hayden pops up to snark at him and Joss escapes. Jax and Hayden argue about their botched plans and she reminds him he has a date with Obrecht before walking off. Over at the bar, Joss tells her mom about Jax’s curiosity about Dev.

Sonny checks on the new hire with Jason General HospitalAt the warehouse, Jason asks the foreman about inefficient truck loading. Sonny shows up to check on his new hire. They discuss the Franco situation and wonder what will happen if he leaves town. Soon, Dev arrives. He’s late. Sonny tells Jason to keep an eye on him. Pretty soon, Jason is lecturing Dev about being lazy. He’s a long way from proving that Sonny’s hopes for him are well-placed. The foreman returns and informs Jason that some money has gone missing.

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Obrecht tells Maxie about her date General HospitalAt Crimson, Maxie vents to Peter about the Shiloh nightmare until Obrecht run-in with a fashion emergency. She shows off her dress and explains she’s ‘getting to know’ Jax and wants to make a good impression. Obrecht doubts they have much a future, but they do have a few things in common. Maxie tells her that Jax is great and she should enjoy herself. Hayden arrives to collect her. Once Obrecht is gone, Hayden is surprised to learn that Maxie has been doing some of the number-crunching. Impressed, Hayden thinks she should be more ambitious and aim for an editorial job. Maxie dismisses this. When Hayden exits, Peter wonders what’s wrong with Maxie and why she’s trivializing her skills. Peter can imagine her running Crimson. He suggests she run her own magazine.

Joss talks to Carly about school General HospitalJoss and Carly are baffled when they see Obrecht joining Jax for lunch. Carly is startled when her daughter explains she wants to give up high school for the fall. After losing Oscar, it seems meaningless. Her mom is sure it will be hard, but she can handle it. Sonny joins them and Joss explains she wants to be homeschooled. He encourages her to try school, and if it doesn’t work out, they will make other arrangements. Meanwhile, Obrecht and Jax discuss surfing and she thanks him for saving her. She assures him that she won’t share any secrets about his activity with Hayden. They discuss Formula One. Carly interrupts and tells Obrecht what happened to Franco. She hurries out.

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Scott tells Drew and Curtis his plan General HospitalAt the Port Charles Police Department, Scott talks to Drew and Curtis about their worries for Franco. They doubt he’ll accept help. Scott has an idea. In the cells, Franco tells Shiloh he doesn’t want to hear about what happened to him. Shiloh insists that he’s the only person he can trust to tell him the truth and tells him he has a son. After he’s taken upstairs, Shiloh bickers with Drew, Curtis, and Scott, telling them he won’t be in Pentonville for long. After he’s gone, Curtis explains he’s started looking for Andre. Drew worries that Shiloh has gotten into Franco’s head. Back in the cells, Scott tells Franco that he’ll be allowed out but needs to stay in town while things are sorted out. He’ll have to wear an ankle monitor. Drew comes to see him next. Franco admits he still has unfinished business and doesn’t want to leave town yet. Drew warns him not to listen too closely to Shiloh. Franco agrees to tell him whatever he wants to know about his old life if he tells him what he knows about Oscar. Drew shows him photos and breaks the news that he’s dead. As Franco processes that, Drew starts asking about Afghanistan. Back upstairs, Curtis assures a worried Scott that drew wants Franco back as much as he does. Drew returns and tells Curtis where the money Shiloh’s looking for is. It’s in Tex’s wife’s car.

Peter gets a collect call from Shiloh in Pentonville, suggesting they need to chat.

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Kim resigns to Monica General HospitalAt General Hospital, Kim stops by Monica’s office and they talk about the Franco situation. She says it’s weird because Franco-Drew knows how to kiss her like the old Drew. They discuss how to deal with that. Monica admits she’s curious about who the child she never raised was and urges Kim to be a friend to him. Kim can do that from a distance. She hands Monica her resignation and announces she’s leaving Port Charles. Kim insists that nothing can change her mind. Before she can walk out, Franco arrives, eager to talk.

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