Helena gets Drew from Shiloh General Hospital
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At the Port Charles Police Department, Scott has a hard time accepting Drew’s explanation of what happened to Franco. Jordan enters the interrogation room to tell Shiloh he’s going away for a long time. He asks to make his phone call. When he’s left alone, he makes a call about Alexis and then smiles. Jason visits Franco General HospitalMeanwhile, Jason is shown into the cells to see Franco, who still believes he’s Drew and is eager for some answers. Stone Cold tells him about Helena and what Dr. Cabot did. Drew decides talking to him was a mistake. After Jason leaves, Franco smashes his breakfast tray. Scott arrives next and introduces himself. Franco is polite and Scott offers to be his lawyer. After he leaves to talk to the cops, Shiloh is locked up in the cell across from Franco. He starts to recall what happened between them in Afghanistan. He flashes back to Helena paying Hank off for delivering Drew to her. She refused to tell Shiloh what she had planned for her captive. Shiloh is smug in jail General HospitalFranco taunts Shiloh about going to prison. Undeterred, Hank is eager to get the name of the man who was working with Helena. Back upstairs, Curtis and Jordan discuss their iron-clad case and how lucky they are that Cameron still has his memories. Jason enters and Jordan tells him that they are shipping Shiloh to Pentonville in the afternoon. Scott returns and talks to Jordan. She admits they don’t have much to keep his son. He’s worried Franco will run when released.

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Olivia rushes into the Corinthos compound and finds Robert, Sonny, and Lulu waiting. Scorpio explains that Dante has been moved and he’s not coming home. Liv is in denial, but Robert says that things are worse than they thought. Olivia suggests Dante needs to be with his family, but Lulu doesn’t think that her son could handle it. Robert updates Sonny on Dante General HospitalWhen left alone with Robert, Sonny worries that he didn’t do enough to help Dante. Olivia returns to say she will never give up on her son and needs to see him. Robert offers to do what he can. After he exits, Lulu explains to Dante’s parents that she’s not contesting the divorce and it will be final soon. She’s determined to keep her son happy and doesn’t want him to worry. They will always be her family and she wants them to spend more time with Rocco. Left alone with Lulu, Sonny tells her how much she’s meant to him since she was a kid. He assures her that his son will never abandon Rocco and he will eventually find a way back to them. She thanks him for all his support and exits, taking off her wedding ring in tears.

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Alexis arrives at Charlie’s as the attorney for the new owner. Sam comes in next and Julian informs her that he’s moving away and wanted to say a proper goodbye. Julian has a request for Sam General HospitalWhen he steps aside, Sam wonders if her mom’s feelings are hurt because Julian turned his life around for Kim but not for her. The lawyer wishes him luck. Later, Julian reminds Sam that he is her children’s grandfather, for better or worse. He can’t undo his mistakes but hopes she can see some of the good in him and let him see the kids before he leaves. She agrees to find some time. Jason runs in and breaks the news that Shiloh is going away. He tells Sam that he tried to explain things to Franco but doubts he got through. He doubts Franco will ever go back to his old life. Olivia hurries in and breaks the news that she’s buying Charlie’s. She explains that Leo loves the place and she wants to preserve it for him. It also means she can have a pizza oven. Julian is happy that they are being grown-up about this.

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At home, Liz is surprised to see that Hayden has prepared breakfast. Liz is too worried about Franco to eat. Liz listens to Drew talking about Franco General HospitalHer sister talks about realizing how important family is and how important it is to be there to help. Drew and Curtis arrive to update Liz on the Franco situation. Curtis admits to Hayden that he’s proud to see her helping her sister. The four of them sit around and Drew tells them the story of the flash drive. Curtis and Drew leave to search for Andre. Hayden wonders how her sister will convince Franco to give up his life for one he can’t remember.

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