Obrecht finds Hayden at Wyndemere on General Hospital
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At home, Jason and Sam try to process what happened to Franco, as Robert explains the situation. After Robert has left, Jason and Sam feel bad for what Franco is going through, despite their bad history. Sam wonders if Franco can now tell Drew about his past.

Peter and Maxie at Floating Rib on General Hospital As Jax pays the tab at Floating Rib for both softball teams, Maxie and Peter giggle over Obrecht being smitten with the Aussie. As they talk about Obrecht heading to Wyndemere to freshen up, Jax’s ears perk up. He fires off a text to warn Hayden.

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Obrecht finds Hayden snooping around Helena’s trophy room at Wydemere. She threatens to call the police unless Hayden confesses why she’s really Obrecht finds Hayden at Wyndemere on General Hospital there. Hayden gets Jax’s text. Obrecht rips the phone from Hayden’s hands and sees that Jax warned Hayden about her. Obrecht demands to know what’s going on. Hayden says she and Jax are working on a project and if he’s involved she can bet it’s good. Obrecht sends Jax a text as Hayden saying “Obrecht” has left and it’s all clear. Obrecht thinks she has cleared Jax of wrongdoing now that he won’t be arriving on Spoon Island and because she erased Hayden’s message history. So, now she’s calling the police. Hayden offers to get Jax to have dinner with her if she lets her go.

Franco kisses Kim in front of a shocked Liz and Drew on General HospitalAs Franco kisses her at the hospital, a freaked out Kim backs away. Drew and Liz rush over as Franco recites memories Drew shared with Kim. She tells him he is Franco Baldwin, but he refuses to believe it. Liz follows as he walks away, but he doesn’t know her and doesn’t want to. After he’s gone, Drew and Liz update a rattled Kim. She wonders what they do now. Liz says they find someone to reverse the procedure. Drew tells her to keep reminding Franco he isn’t Drew. She needs a minute and steps away. As Drew consoles Liz, Sam finds them. She’s sorry for both of them. Sam asks to talk to Franco but learns he’s gone. Valentin runs into Finn at the elevators and asks for an update on Cassandra. Robert approaches and informs them Anna called with information on Cassandra – she’s in Newfoundland. Valentin runs off. Robert reveals it was just a ruse to get rid of him. Hopefully, they can figure out what Valentin is really up to.

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Franco throws a glass at the Floating Rib on General HospitalAfter Jax leaves the Floating Rib, Maxie and Peter watch, confused, as Franco enters and throws back a couple of shots. They approach and when Maxie won’t stop calling him Franco, he throws a glass. He says, “That’s not my name,” declaring he’s Andrew Cain. Peter is rattled as he leads Maxie back to their table. While she thinks Franco is drunk, Peter assumes he received Drew’s memories and blames himself. The last thing Peter ever wanted was for the memories to be implanted in someone other than Drew. Maxie assures him he’s a good person and she’s not going anywhere. As Maxie and Peter leave, Jason enters and faces Franco.

Brad worries Julian is moving on General Hospital Brad enters Charlie’s and learns Julian is moving away with Kim. He isn’t a fan of the plan and lists the reasons why he should stay. When Lucas gets paged away to work, Brad tells Julian if he leaves, he’s screwed. What will he do if Wiley’s biological parents show up to claim him? Brad says their talks are the only thing keeping him sane. Julian counters that if he’s gone and Shiloh is behind bars, Brad won’t fixate and can move on, assuming no one else knows about it. Brad flashes back to his conversation with Obrecht, but says, “Right. No one else knows.” Brad voices concern about someone cross-referencing Wiley and Shiloh’s medical records, but Julian doesn’t see any reason someone would do that. He suggests Brad leave it alone. After Brad has left, Kim walks in and tells Julian about Franco having Drew’s memories of their life together. Julian thinks it’s all the more reason to leave town, but Kim doesn’t look so sure.

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At GH, Brad logs onto a computer and pulls up Wiley’s, Shiloh’s and Michael’s medical records. Lucas comes up behind him and sees Wiley’s records. He takes a look and notices it doesn’t list Wiley’s inherited heart condition. Brad talks him down from pursuing it further and they make plans for dinner later.

On the next General Hospital:

Finn warns Hayden she may have been exposed.

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Franco says, “Jason Quartermaine. A rich kid with my face.”

Do you remember on August 15, 2011, on General Hospital, Robin was shot with a bullet from Sonny’s gun that was meant for Jax.