Franco as Drew on General Hospital
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Jason and Sam return home from the softball game against ELQ in their Corinthos Coffee uniforms. Drew and Sam baseball uniforms on General Hospital As Jason grabs Sam and carries her to the bedroom to celebrate their win, they are interrupted by Robert knocking on their door. Robert enters and has both good and bad news. He tells them Shiloh and Cabot are in jail, and Shiloh is now drowning in charges against him. However Shiloh attempted to use the thumbdrive on Cameron Weber, but Franco found Cameron volunteered in order to save him. Robert tells them Franco now believes he’s Drew Cain.

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Peter and Obrecht play ball on General Hospital At the softball field, Maxie, in an Aurora uniform, is facing off against Peter and Obrecht, who are in Invader uniforms. Lulu arrives in uniform but says she’s only serving as a cheerleader and not playing. Obrecht is annoyed and thinks they’ll have to forfeit because they are down a player. When Peter tells her to get it together because they are going up against Jax, Obrecht becomes flustered.

Jax concerned on General Hospital At the hospital, Hayden suggests to Jax they make use of a deserted Wyndemere to search it. He refuses and reminds her of the softball game. She plans to go to Wyndemere and has lined up a replacement for herself for the game. In Franco’s room, Liz tells him that he’s Franco Baldwin and they are married, and she shows him the photos on his cell phone from their wedding reception. She also points out the name on his hospital bracelet and produces his driver’s license. He thinks it is a fake because it was issued in 2019 and it’s 2012. Drew assures him it isn’t. Franco asks to be left alone, so Liz and Drew step outside. Later they find him getting ready to leave, and Liz begs him not to go because they need to try and fix what Shiloh did to him. Franco asks who Shiloh is, and Drew says he knows him as David Henry Archer. Franco expected he’d be in prison by now and decides to go see Hank. Drew blocks the door, so Franco orders him to step aside.

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Kim leaving town on General Hospital At Charlies, Lucas learns his dad is selling the place and moving to New York with Kim. Julian excuses himself when Lucy texts him. Kim tells Lucas she knows Julian is leaving Port Charles for her, and if he says the word and she’ll tell Julian that she has to make this move alone. Lucas knows Julian has become a better man because of her, and he wants his dad to be happy with her. Julian returns, and Kim takes off for General Hospital. Lucas warns his father that Kim made it seem like she was going to leave Port Charles with or without Julian. Julian knows, and Lucas wonders why he’d leave with her if that was the case.

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Lulu baseball on General Hospital Back on the field, Dustin arrives in an Aurora uniform, having been hired by Hayden to fill in for her. Peter and Obrecht cry foul because he is not an employee. Jax appears and insists Dustin does work for Aurora as their official driver. Dustin wasn’t going to play, but he found out he was playing The Invader and wanted to score some points against Lulu. Lulu decides to play after all and suggests they make a friendly bet.

Hayden arrives at Wyndemere and picks the lock to get in. She heads to Nicolas’ old office and spots a portrait of Helena hanging on the wall.

Back at General Hospital, Drew tells Franco not to leave town because people care about him. Drew holds back Liz who cries as Franco walks out the door. Drew assures Liz that Franco won’t go anywhere, not after what they told him. In the hall, Franco spots Kim and goes after her. He asks why she’s there, and she explains she’s giving her notice and is leaving Port Charles. He thinks they should leave together. She wonders if he is okay. He responds, “Nothing you can’t fix.” Franco reminds her how he sang “You’ve lost that loving feeling” to her back in that bar on base and pulls Kim into a kiss, which Drew and Liz walk in on.

Peter, Jax and the others go to The Floating Rib after the game. Jax’s team won, and Obrecht finds herself smitten with him. Feeling she’s a mess, she leaves to clean up. Meanwhile, Lulu offers to get Dustin a drink for winning, per their bet. He grabs her phone and puts her contact info in it but says it’s strictly for ride-hailing and friendly wagers.

Back at Wyndemere, Obrecht catches Hayden searching for something. She offers to help her if she tells her what she’s searching for, or she could turn her over to Valentin.

Today’s episode was dedicated to Fernando Pardo, a scenic artist at the show.

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