Liz waits for Franco to wake General Hospital
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At Turning Woods, Mike is startled when Stella, Sonny, and Carly arrive with his tux and boutonniere. They remind him it’s his wedding day. Sonny Carly and Stella attend Mike's wedding General HospitalHe thinks Sonny is the reverend. Carly takes Mike away to change. Sonny is upset. He wants to share this moment with his father. Stella assures him that they’ll still share it. Sonny feels like he’s doing nothing but letting go. Stella spots Marcus and tells Sonny he’s not the only one. Marcus has brought Yvonne’s favorite dress and asks Stella to give it to her. Marcus envies them; they are sharing a happy moment with Mike and he is saying goodbye to the most important person in his life. Stella leads him out. Sonny isn’t sure he can go through with this, but Carly reassures him. Mike comes out in his tux and Carly brings the dress away to Yvonne. Mike tells Sonny that it’s strange not to have family there. He had a wife and kid but blew it. He failed his son and can’t fix it now. Sonny tells him it’s never too late. His father wishes things had gone differently. Sonny assures him that his son has forgiven him. Carly returns and Sonny wishes a wonderful future for Mike and his bride.

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Cameron is angrily picking up trash in the square when Joss and Trina stop by. He tells them about being kidnapped by Shiloh and the crazy experiment. Franco saved him but he might wake up with Drew’s memories. He blames himself for this. Joss tells him not to.

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Alexis meets with Kevin General HospitalAlexis is visiting Kevin in his office at General Hospital. She informs him that Neil isn’t her therapist anymore because of her attraction to him and some blurred lines. He stops her and explains that he can’t be her therapist either but offers to send her to someone. She asks for a woman this time. When she walks out, Neil is standing in the corridor and she realizes he is Kevin’s patient. They share some awkward pleasantries and she walks off. Neil goes into Kevin’s office and admits that Alexis is the first woman he’s chimed with since his wife. He thinks she’s remarkable. Kevin tells him that the professional boundary is no longer an issue. That terrifies Neil. Down the hall, Laura arrives and chats with Drew. She’s eager to thank Franco for saving Cam. He can’t believe that Franco will now be haunted by his memories and wishes he’d destroyed the flashdrive. Laura is sure Liz’s love will bring Franco back. Epiphany wakes up Liz in Franco’s room. She says he’s a hero and everyone is pulling for him. Franco is unconscious General HospitalAfter Epiphany leaves, Liz encourages her husband to wake up. Laura joins her and suggests they take a walk. Drew strolls in and offers to stay by his side. After the ladies leave, Drew tells Franco how much he wishes he’d got to him sooner. He tells Franco how heroic he is and gives him one of his old medals. He places it ion the table and gives him a pat, setting off his heartrate. Meanwhile, Laura and Liz walk the halls. Kevin finds them and explains the neurologist asked him to look in on Franco. When he arrives in the patient’s room, Franco’s monitor is beeping and his eyes open. Once he settles down, Kevin asks him his name. “Is that an actual question?” Franco asks. Moments later, Kevin walks out to warn Liz, but she won’t listen. She bursts in and finds Franco standing. He picks up the medal and tells Liz that he needs to speak to his superior officer.

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Lucy arrives at Charlie’s and Julian and Kim confirm that they are leaving Port Charles. This is news to Kristina. Julian tells her that he’s made it clear the property must remain a pub. She wonders if he’s told her mom yet. Kim crosses over to a table with Lucy to talk over details. Alexis arrives and asks Julian what’s going on. He explains he’s moving to Manhattan and will be back to visit his kids and grandchildren. When he steps away, she tells Kim that she’s good for Julian and she wishes them all the best. Neil walks in and Kristina instructs the doctor and her mom to sit down together. After they awkwardly try to set boundaries, they sit at separate tables and exchange glances. Meanwhile, Kim and Julian talk about where they will live in New York. Stella and Marcus arrive and she commends him on his selfless gesture. He doesn’t see the point in upsetting people anymore. She thinks it’s strange that you can gain a family while losing one. Stella gets a message notifying her that her relative has had a change of mind and wants to meet her.

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