Franco finds Cam with Shiloh and Dr. Cabot on General Hospital
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Curtis and Drew wait for info on Shiloh on General HospitalCurtis and Drew discuss Shiloh in Drew’s car. Drew is determined to find Shiloh before someone is given the life he lost. Curtis gets a message from a contact who forwards Cabot’s phone records. They indicate Cabot called someone at General Hospital and at another local number. Drew calls it and learns the recipient’s identity.

Lucy ponders life on General HospitalLucy saddles up to the Metro Court bar and orders a double. She’s having an existential crisis after seeing Sam in that freezer. Curtis and Drew find Lucy to ask if Arthur Cabot is her client. She doesn’t remember his name and the men assume Cabot used an alias. They show her his photo and she recognizes him. She recalls he used the name Stellan Bergman. He wanted an out of the way place to work. She found him a cheap place. She throws back two shots after they thank her and leave.

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Sasha is rushed into General Hospital with Nina demanding Lucas save her daughter. Sasha wakes up and tells Lucas she hurts all over, even in her fingernails. Lucas leaves to order some tests, as Nina comforts her daughter. Valentin does the Sasha is brought into General Hospitalsame for Nina. Elsewhere, Elizabeth steps off the elevator as she leaves a worried phone message for Cam. She then joins Finn and Michael as they come upon Sam walking the halls with Jason. Finn says she should still be in bed resting, but the other men know there’s no stopping Sam when she wants something. They discuss Drew’s memories and how they can now be implanted in anyone, thereby wiping out that person’s own memories. Michael gets a text from Nina about Sasha and he runs off. Sam remarks to Finn and Jason that she ran right into Shiloh’s trap and now an innocent will have to pay the price. Elizabeth heads to the nurses’ hub to call Franco for an update on Cam. Finn joins Lucas in discussing Sasha’s condition with Nina, Valentin, and Michael. It’s a strain of flu Lucas hasn’t seen before. Michael leaves to make some calls, as Nina tends to Sasha. Alone, Finn is glad Lucas brought him in on this because it’s not looking good. Michael returns to Finn to tell him the island doctor didn’t have any news of an outbreak there. Finn quizzes Michael on what Sasha ate and tells him to let him know if he remembers anything odd. Wearing a mask, Finn returns to Sasha. She must be moved to isolation until they figure out what strain of flu she has. Nina assures Sasha she’s going to be all right and they profess their love. Sasha and Michael exchange a sweet goodbye until they can be together again – after she’s ridden of the virus. Jason brings Sam back to her room and they get romantic. Liz stops by to talk to Jason alone in the hallway. She tells him she can’t get a hold of Cam or Franco. She tracked Cam’s phone and found him in a warehouse district. Jason gets Spinelli on it and they come up with an address. Liz calls Chase for help.

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Franco finds Cam with Shiloh and Dr. Cabot on General HospitalFranco demands to know what’s going on with Cameron in the garage. Shiloh points his gun at Franco as he yells for Cabot to prep Drew’s memories. Franco yells, “What did you do to Cameron?” A drugged-up Cameron starts saying Jason’s and Drew’s names, as well as the word flash drive. Franco puts it all together and demands to know if they gave Cameron Drew’s memories. Franco talks to a hazy Cam who asks about his family and if he’s in trouble. As Franco reassures him, an impatient Shiloh orders Cabot to do the procedure. Cabot resists because he never consented to work on a minor. As the men argue, Franco orders them to stop and to let Cam go. He offers himself in Cam’s place. Franco says he’s always been kind of a mess and has to live with the memories of everything he’s done. This is a chance to wipe the slate clean. Cam tearfully asks, what about his mother and brothers? Franco says they’re way better off with Cam than with him. Cabot declares using an adult has a better chance of success. Shiloh finally agrees to use Franco. Cam yells out no! Dr. Cabot straps Franco to the chair. Franco demands Shiloh take it easy with Cam and asks that he let him go. Shiloh refuses and grabs Cam as he screams for help. Franco calms the boy and only wants him to get back to Liz in one piece. He promises Cam they will be okay. Both agree they care about each other deeply, and Cam cries as Franco asks that he tell Liz he loves her – and he will be back. Cabot injects Franco with the syringe.

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