Shiloh experiments on Cam General Hospital
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Scott is having lunch with Laura at the Metro Court. He agrees to be Lulu’s divorce lawyer but demands the mayor get rid of the psychic sitting with Ava. Laura doesn’t want to tell someone how to grieve. Scott asks Laura for a favor General HospitalHe pushes her to help. Across the room, Ava tells Chelsea that she went to see Ryan and it didn’t pan out. Chelsea doesn’t have anything useful to say, gives her the bill, and leaves. Scott takes off and Laura joins Ava and explains that Scott is worried she’s being taken advantage of. Ava just wants peace for her daughter. They discuss living with grief and getting confirmation from the other side. After Laura leaves, Scott returns and tries to convince her to keep away from palm readers. Jax encourages Hayden to forget Finn General HospitalMeanwhile, Jax sits at a table waiting for Hayden. Finn calls to check to see if she’s okay. Once Jax gets off the line, he tells Hayden her ex is concerned about her. He’s not sure how she could have been so drunk from one drink. She claims it was like an out of body experience. They guess she might have been drugged and she worries about Finn knowing how she feels about him. Jax urges her to let him go. He’s sure that Nina and Valentin were trying to drug him, not her. They wonder about the Cassadine’s connection to Cassandra. She urges him to manipulate Nina.

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Nina and Valentin discuss their suspicions General HospitalValentin arrives at the Crimson office. Nina is eager to talk about what happened with Hayden and Jax. He suspects they were looking for something at Wyndemere. She’s not convinced that Jax is up to anything too sinister. Nina is excited to ramp up their wedding plans. Sasha arrives outside and giddily chats with Maxie about Michael. Maxie says he’s the best, but he’s been through the wringer and she better not screw it up. Sasha worries he’s too good to be true and is trying to stay on the same page as him. When they go in to see the boss, Nina announces she and Valentin are committed to getting married next month. A bunch of flowers arrive from Jax. Suddenly, Sasha collapses and everyone gasps.

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Liz and Franco are in the square. She wonders why Cam is late. She tries calling him but has no luck. After she takes off, he bumps into Chelsea and asks her to elaborate on her prediction. Her eyes bug out and she tells him to forget what she said and take the drive. She’s sorry for what’s to come. Scott calls and tells him Cam is in trouble because his car is parked illegally at 721 DeWitt. He offers to buy off the meter maid and tells Franco to find Cam immediately. As Franco goes looking, Chelsea gets a call from Laura, looking to hire her.

Liz arrives at the hospital and Finn tells her about Sam being trapped in a freezer. She’s grateful that her life is so boring. Jason reassures Sam General HospitalDown the hall, Sam wakes up in the hospital with Jason by her side. She thought she was going to die, and it freaked her out. He promises to get her whatever she needs. He says she was just bait and Shiloh was after him for the memory transfer. She reminds him that the brain damage makes the whole thing impossible. Finn and Liz join them and Jason mentions that Cabot was around and working with Shiloh. Finn points out that Cabot may not need the twins to put his plans in motion, but the results could be severe brain damage.

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Cabot and Shiloh argue about what to do General HospitalCabot goes to 721 DeWitt. He’s surprised to see that Shiloh has Cam bound to a chair inside. Cam yelps for help but Shiloh points out how pointless that is. Cabot is not happy about this and insists the procedure was designed for twins. He worries that trying it on someone so young could kill them. Shiloh says the alternative to going ahead is prison so they might as well go for it. When they return to Cam, he kicks Shiloh in the guts. They bind Cam’s legs as he begs them not to take his memory away. Franco arrives outside and sneaks in, interrupting the two men as they bicker.

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