Drew and Curtis talk Shiloh General Hospital
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At Kim’s office, she tells Julian that she can’t handle living in Port Charles anymore because she is haunted by her dead son. kim tells julain she has to leave port charles on general hospitalShe’s leaving before the grief swallows her up. Julian offers to support her, but she can’t stand being there without Oscar. Julian points out she will be walking away from him as well as ghosts. They talk about how much they have given each other. He wonders if she is trying to put him behind as well. Distraught, Kim assures him that’s not the case and she doesn’t want him to be her crutch. He asks if she would let him go with her. She agrees to that and they kiss. Down the hospital corridor, Drew and Curtis discuss Cabot being back in town. They guess it was Shiloh who brought him. Drew realizes that Shiloh doesn’t need him to get his memories. They believe he’s after Jason. They try calling but have no luck.

Alexis tells Neil they've crossed the line General HospitalAt Alexis’, Neil repeats that he’s not the right guy to be her therapist. She thinks he is the right guy for her and wonders if he feels the connection. He admits he does but thinks they should part ways. They dance around about where this could go. She asks him to let her get to know him better. Neil reminds her that she didn’t want a relationship. He insists that they can’t do this. He walks out.

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Molly and TJ talk General HospitalMolly and TJ have lunch at the Metro Court. He’s not sure she would be happy being a lawyer. It’s a safe career but he wonders if she’d be happier as a writer. She’s not sure but he encourages her to take some time to write. Molly worries she might love it too much and won’t be able to earn money. He thinks fulfilling her ambitions is more important. Maxie and Peter are having lunch across the room. He worries he overstepped when he told Lulu Dante is an idiot. Maxie says Dante’s not a jerk, he’s just doing what’s best for his family. She’s just sorry she didn’t listen to Peter’s advice about this earlier. He encourages her to help her friend and then recalls how he fell for her. Molly crosses the room and asks Peter if she can come to work for him. He has an idea for her and asks her to dig into the Cassadine family history.

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Sonny gives Michael advice General HospitalSasha and Michael are having lunch at Kelly’s. She’s already missing island life. Sonny walks in on them making out. He asks how things went on the island and offers to cook them dinner. After she takes off, Michael asks Sonny if he knows Sandy. Sonny doesn’t recognize the name. Drew calls Sonny, looking for Jason and warns that Shiloh is after him.

Jason beats Shiloh General HospitalJason is choking Shiloh at the Midwood Motel. Shiloh points out that if he dies, so does Sam. Cabot is ready to transport Drew’s memories into him, so Jason has to make a choice fast. Jason backs off for a second, but after finding the golden hand, pummels Shiloh to the floor and takes off. When Shiloh regains consciousness, he grabs a gun and runs. Later, Drew and Curtis burst into Shiloh’s room and find the bloody golden hand on the floor.

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Joss has an idea General HospitalJoss and Trina track down Cam in the park and offer to help him finish his community service so they can go to the beach. He explains that he can’t leave early and they would just send him somewhere else. Joss has an idea. She and Trina throw garbage around so he can spend all day in the park. They make arrangements to go to the movies later. After the girls leave, Cam finds Shiloh on the ground. Moments later, Cam’s trash bag is left alone in a parking lot and he is nowhere to be seen.

Sam wakes up in a freezer in a garbage heap outside Dawn of Day. Outside, Lucy paces and calls the truck to come and pick up the trash. Sasha joins Lucy and takes her into the house for a tour. Lucy tells her that Michael owns the house and he could speed things along for her. She reminds Sasha about her suggestion that she model. Sasha could be the perfect face to relaunch Deception. After they walk off, Jason runs over, yelling for Sam. He pries the freezer open and gives Sam mouth to mouth. Lucy brings them some water and calls Sonny and Michael over.

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