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Carly sits in the park, assuring her baby that she will look after them. Kim stumbles onto her and asks about her baby. Kim and Carly talk babies General HospitalCarly tells her the baby has spina bifida and Kim tries to be reassuring. Although she’s back at work, Kim admits she hasn’t been able to bring herself to take part in a delivery yet. They talk about Joss and how good she was for Oscar. She tells Carly she’s lucky to have a supportive family. Kim doesn’t and Port Charles is full of memories that make her sad.

Obrecht confronts Brad General HospitalBrad drops by the hospital with Wiley to pick up Lucas. Julian shows up and tempts his son away to look at something. As Brad talks to Wiley about swimming lessons, Obrecht swans over and reminds him about having to swim for her life. He tries to escape but she accuses him of trying to kill her. Brad admits that he overheard her talking to Franco and expects her to forget his attempt on her life. He insists they are even and reminds her she tossed him off the turret. Liesl isn’t agreeing to this. She admits that she’s feeling guilty and wants to do the right thing for Wiley. Brad points out that being part of the Corinthos family would be dangerous. He adds that Britt knows everything, and he threatens to rat her out to the cops if Obrecht says anything. That’s enough to keep her quiet. As they shake on it, Carly spots them. At the nurses’ station, Finn asks Epiphany to check Cabot’s file for him. With a little prodding, she opens the file and walks off. Finn calls Drew over and asks if Cabot has reached out to him. He hasn’t, but Drew explains that his memory issues have come up again. Finn calls Robert to tell him that Cabot is back and planning to do damage.

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Neil quits as Alexis' therapist General HospitalAs Alexis is leaving home for her session, Neil shows up and says they need to discuss what happened in the elevator. He apologizes for his unprofessional behavior and thinks it has ruined their relationship. Neil can’t see her anymore. It would be dangerous. She admits that she cares about him. He points out that that’s the problem. The lawyer insists that she hated therapy before but likes it with him because he treats her like a person. He repeats that this needs to end because he cares. He’ll leave it to her to find a new therapist. She insists that he’s the right guy for her.

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Outside of Kelly’s, Jason gets a call from Shiloh who tells him he has to do as he’s told if he wants to see Sam alive. Stone Cold receives a photo of Sam bound on the floor. Shiloh orders him to meet him at the motel.

Jason attacks Shiloh General HospitalAt the Midwood Motel, Shiloh lets Jason in once he hands over his gun. Jason attacks him and demands to know where Sam is. When Shiloh gets free, he shows him the flashdrive and explains he needs to transfer Drew’s memories to a suitable recipient. This doesn’t appeal to Jason, who grabs him by the throat and throws him against the wall. Shiloh points out that if he dies, so does Sam.

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Julian, Lucas and Lucy tour the house General HospitalJulian takes Lucas to see the Dawn of Day house. Lucy greets them for a tour and explains the house was originally bought by Michael as a women’s shelter. Lucas is confused. His father explains that he wants to set down roots and hopes Kim might move in. Lucas isn’t sure it’s the best place, but his father wants room to expand his family. He wants room for all of his grandchildren. Meanwhile, Sam is bound in a trunk in a trash heap outside of Dawn of Day. She gasps and passes out.

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Back at the hospital, Drew bumps into Kim. She informs him that she’s leaving town. He understands and gives her a hug, telling her to take care of herself. As he walks off, she turns the corner and finds Julian standing there.

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