Chase and Curtis question Drew General Hospital
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In Puerto Rico, Sasha and Michael lounge in their hotel bed and wonder why they are so good together. Michael tells Sasha he cares General HospitalThey admit that their bond is growing. After some sex, she suggests they have a shower and then go meet Sandy. In the dining room, Cassandra makes a call to arrange a flight. She has a syringe and a gun in her purse. After she shoots up a grapefruit, Sasha and Michael join her. As she eats the grapefruit, Sasha notices it tastes bitter. After some polite babbling about Nina, Cassandra makes an excuse and takes off.

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Kim asks Franco for something General HospitalAt General Hospital, Cameron is uncomfortable as Kim gives him the paperwork for Oscar’s car. He’s excited but sad. After he plods off, Franco tells Kim how sorry he is. They talk therapy and she asks him to keep being a good friend to Drew. She gets back to work and he tracks down Cam. They discuss the responsibilities of car ownership. Franco got him a parking spot at Scott’s office. Cam is thrilled. Kim joins them and says the insurance has all been sorted.

Hayden faces Finn General HospitalFinn runs into Hayden outside of Kelly’s and guesses she’s trying to avoid him. She pretends she doesn’t know what she said last night. Hayden wonders if Cassandra is his ex but he explains who she really is. Getting involved with someone like that sounds dangerous to her. He says that’s what unconditional love involves. Unconvincingly, they agree that they are better off without each other and hope they never see each other again. Inside, Liz, Jason, and Jake sit around a table. He wishes Franco had come to his game. Jason is uncomfortable as the kid goes on about the other man. Liz asks Jason to accept something General HospitalLiz sends him off to see his friend across the room. She prods Jason about Franco. He respects her choices and won’t say anything negative about Franco. She wants him to accept how much her husband has changed or he risks causing problems for Jake. After they bicker about this for a while, she leaves. Cameron joins them and Jake takes off for a minute, leaving Jason to quiz Cam about his stepfather. Cameron says he’s come around to Franco and he’s been good for the family.

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Shiloh meets with Dr. Cabot at the Midwood Motel, eager to get access to Drew’s memories and transfer them to his twin. Cabot urges him to be cautious when going after Jason and suggests that he let him have the flashdrive for safekeeping.

Drew faces questions General HospitalChase arrives at the Aurora office and Drew tells him about the flashdrive. He doubts Shiloh can do anything with it without help. The cop brought him in for questioning, but Shiloh had alibis. They assume Shiloh is desperate and dangerous. After the cop takes off, Curtis talks about tracking down Tex. Drew called NCIS and they’ve confirmed that he met with them about a conspiracy to sell fuel on the black-market. They guess that Shiloh thinks Drew’s memories contain the information he needs.

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Sam and Willow face Shiloh General HospitalWillow meets with Sam in the square. The PI asks her about Shiloh’s time in Afghanistan and if he ever mentioned Tex. As they talk about this, Shiloh pops up and declares that seeing them has made his day. Sam says there is evidence to put him away for life. He is sure that his path will lead him back to his son. Chase interrupts as Sam offers to give Willow the number of her plastic surgeon so she can have her tattoo removed. Chase serves Shiloh with a restraining order to keep him away from Willow, Brad, Lucas, and Wiley. Once Shiloh is gone, Willow calls the surgeon. Chase assures her that this is almost over.

Kim has a request General HospitalLiz drops by the hospital to chat with Kim, who tells her that grief has forced her to cross a line. Being around babies all day also makes it hard to cope. She’s realized she might need some distance from Port Charles. Liz wonders if she’s ready to leave Julian behind. Kim tells her that he’s been great but she’s no good for him right now. Liz hopes she stays. After Kim gets back to work, Franco joins Liz and tells her he’s worried about the psychic warning him about a drive. Down the hall, Finn is shocked when Cabot wanders by. Cabot explains that the WSB released him and claims he’s picking up prescriptions.

Sam breaks into Shiloh’s motel room and starts to search. She finds a flashdrive, but before she can leave, Shiloh returns. Moments later, Shiloh calls Jason and orders him to do what he says if he ever wants to see Sam alive again.

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