Hayden can't stop thinking about Finn on General Hospital
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At Wyndemere, Valentin worries Nina may have taken the drink with the truth serum. Meanwhile, Jax clarifies with Finn that he and Hayden are strictly business associates, as Hayden gets caught sneaking into Valentin’s office by the housekeeper. Jax smiles at Nina on General HospitalHayden downs her drink when she’s forced back to the main room with the housekeeper, who outs her to the Cassadines. Jax tries to cover for her, but Hayden admits she was in fact snooping. As Jax tries to spin it, she walks over to Finn and asks, “Do you ever think about me? Because I can’t stop thinking about you.” Nina tries to intervene, but Hayden leads Finn out to the foyer to talk alone. Jax wonders how Hayden got drunk so fast. Nina suggests Valentin just makes a strong drink. In the foyer, Finn tells Hayden she broke him, but now he’s in love with someone else. As Jax, Nina and Valentin banter about business, Finn and Hayden return. Finn wants to get her water, but Hayden’s still trying to talk about their relationship. She says his moving on doesn’t change the fact… she trails off. As Finn and Hayden exchange angsty looks, Valentin gets a call clearing Finn to leave. Jax and Hayden follow suit. After everyone has left, Nina says their evening was a bust. Valentin counters they now know Jax and Hayden were looking for something, they just have to figure out what it was.

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Lulu gets drunk at home on wine when Laura drops by. Laura gives her daughter coffee as Lulu tearfully explains she’s just trying to understand what’s happening with Dante. She feels completely alone trying to figure out if she should end or fight for her marriage. Laura assures her she is not alone, but suggests she might have to accept the loss. Laura believes Dante made the choice out of love because maybe he is as far gone as he fears. Laura suggests that sometimes life has a second act and she’s proof.

Sonny finds Carly at the Metro Court. She’s on the phone checking with their man on the island to make sure Michael and Sasha are having a good time. Sonny grabs the phone and tells Enrique not to take Carly’s calls and then flashes his dimples at his wife. The power goes out due to the storm and Carly announces to her dining guests Alexis and Neil stuck on the elevator on General Hospitaleverything is comped. Dev oversteps a bit trying to help with the guests, leading Carly to worry. Sonny has a solution and offers Dev a job at the coffee warehouse. Since the storm also knocked out the elevator’s power, Alexis and Neil are stranded together. Neil panics. Alexis assumes he’s claustrophobic, but he insists there’s just someplace he really needs to be. When she presses for more info, he admits it’s the fifth anniversary of his daughter’s death. They sit down as he explains his daughter was also in a cult, but he failed to help her and she took her own life. He continues to explain that every year on this day he honors her by going to a karaoke bar to sing a song that meant something to them – Hush Little Baby. Alexis thinks it’s beautiful and encourages him to carry out his tradition right there. He declines, so Alexis starts singing the song herself. With tears in his eyes, Neil joins in, as the elevator starts working.

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Michael contemplates Sasha's words on General HospitalAt the bar on the island, Cassandra continues to get chummy with Sasha and Michael. She steps away to take a phone call, leaving Michael to recount his childhood memories of the island to Sasha. It’s his refuge. When he’s there, he’s relaxed. Sasha notes that’s what’s different about him – he’s looser there. Cassandra returns and invites them to join her for breakfast in the morning. They agree but then head up to their room and have sex. After, Michael tells her the island has always been special, but this is the best time he’s had there. It’s because of her. Meanwhile, Cassandra makes a call to tell them she’s been compromised and needs to be relocated. She also needs a gift for a new friend.

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