Shiloh crashes birthday on General Hospital

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Franco stops by Drew’s office at Aurora and tells him about the psychic messages he’s been getting. Franco worries on General Hospital Up in the Metro Court restaurant, Carly gets everything ready for Wiley’s party. Sasha and Alexis arrive early, and later Lucas and Brad enter with the birthday boy.

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Ava consults Chelsea on General Hospital Ava takes a walk with Chelsea in the park and begs the psychic to try and reach Kiki. Chelsea makes contact with several dead people who have a beef with Ava, including Connie Falconeri, AJ Quartermaine, Helena Cassadine, and a dead baby boy who was taken from his mother. Ava thinks the last ghost is Nelle’s son, whose death she had nothing to do with. Ava asks about Kiki, and Chelsea is able to contact her, but Kiki still can’t forgive Ava. Kiki is angry that Ava let Ryan into her heart, and was blinded to the truth about him. Kiki says while Ryan has no soul, he still has a heart, and it belongs to Ava. Ava seemingly understands and rushes off.

Julian gets news on General Hospital Willow visits Julian at Charlie’s. She knows he can’t be at Wiley’s party because of her, and she’d like to clear the way for him to be a grandfather to Wiley. She calls Lucas to okay Julia’s involvement in Wiley’s life. Later, Lucas sends Willow a text and invites her to Wiley’s party.

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Shiloh eavesdrops on General Hospital At General Hospital, Shiloh talks to Epiphany about getting a copy of his medical records. She tells him that he’ll have to fill out a request form and hands him one. As he’s working on the forms, he overhears Epiphany and Bobbie discussing Wiley’s party at the Metro Court.

Nelle and Michael on General Hospital In Pentonville, Nelle tells Michael she knows something about what happened to their son that he doesn’t. Before she can say anything, Michael gets a text from Carly with a picture of Sasha holding Wiley, which infuriates Nelle. He tells her to get on with what she has to say, so she rambles about a dream she had in which Jonah was surrounded by angels and at peace. Michael tells Nelle goodbye, and he never wants to see her again. Back in her cell, Nelle vents to Harmony that Michael doesn’t deserve to know what she does, and he doesn’t deserve their son. She thinks it’s too late to undo what she’s done, but insists Harmony keep Shiloh away from her grandson. Elsewhere, Ava shows up to see Ryan.

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Wiley's birthday on General Hospital Back at the Metro Court, Bobbie arrives for the party, and Lucas passes on a message to Brad from Willow that she’s going to let Julian be a part of Wiley’s life. Later, Julian and Willow arrive together, followed by Michael. Lucas makes a toast to Wiley when suddenly, Shiloh enters and apologizes for being late. Carly orders him out, but he has a present for his son. He hands over his medical records, which are important to have for an adopted child. As Lucas brings up knowing about the heart issue, Brad swoops in and takes the records to shut down any further discussion. Michael has enough of Shiloh, attacks him, and throws him in the elevator. Later, Brad worries to Julian that if Lucas looks at Shiloh’s records, he’ll realize things don’t add up. Lucas meanwhile thanks Willow for all she’s done to protect Wiley, and he and Brad still want her to be a part of their son’s life. She accepts. As Wiley’s presents are opened, with the help of Willow, Brad overhears Bobbie and Carly discussing Nelle asking Michael to visit her. Down in Aurora, Franco wonders what the message from the psychic could mean and is worried he’s just so happy and fears losing everything. Drew advises him not to think that way. Drew’s secretary interrupts and hands him a box from the Vavy. She reveals that with her help, Oscar managed to order all his medals. Drew opens the package, which contains among other things, The Silver Star. He wishes Oscar could have seen them. One of the medals is for saving Shiloh’s life, and he jokes he should send that one back. Drew suspects Shiloh doesn’t want him to remember something about their relationship. Franco brings up Andre’s procedure to restore his memories, but Drew won’t risk it and says they’ll stay locked up in his office safe on the flash drive.

Shiloh meets with a public defender at Kelly’s. She warns him the evidence against him is extensive, and he won’t beat the charges. She advises he take a plea deal for 14 to 20 years, to avoid life in jail. Shiloh is sure everything will work out how it is supposed to, and he thinks about Drew and his missing memories.

Shiloh takes a walk and makes a call to someone. He has a job for them.

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