Ryan in jail on General Hospital

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Aiden’s birthday party is held at Perks. Lulu talks with Liz and Franco about Hayden’s return. Liz questions Hayden on General Hospital Liz is sure her sister has something up her sleeve. Hayden, Nina and Charlotte arrive, and Aiden opens his gifts. Later, Charlotte asks her mom when Dante is coming back because she misses him. Lulu does too.

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Curtis and Jordan visit Ryan on General Hospital Jordan and Curtis go to Pentonville to see Ryan. They talk via phones through plexiglass, and Jordan thanks Ryan for saving her life. He rants that his kidney was taken from him and it was a crime. He wonders if she will let that stand. He gloats that her immorality in regard to the law is now part of her thanks to the kidney, and she’ll never get it out of her. In another room, Willow visits her mom and lets her know that Shiloh has been arrested and her son is finally safe. Willow begs Harmony not to let Shiloh manipulate her again if he ends up there with her.

Drew ponders Shiloh on General Hospital At the Floating Rib, Drew and Jason swing by after working on Oscar’s treehouse. Drew suggests they should share a meal and a beer because Oscar wanted them to build a relationship. They sit down and talk about Shiloh, who Drews senses is interested in his past, and he wants to know why. He is positive Shiloh’s story about what happened Afghanistan is bogus, but he wonders why Shiloh went so far to reconnect with him.

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Sonny drops by Charlie’s pub and tells Kristina that he is so proud of her for standing up to Shiloh. Sonny gets a call and has to leave.

Shiloh is free on General Hospital At the PCPD, Chase and Laura are stunned that Shiloh was able to pay his bail. He walks into the station, and Chase demands his passport. Shiloh hands it over and leaves with Daisy. He asks her to help him find and pay for a criminal lawyer. Daisy can’t because she used all of her trust fund to pay his bail, and her parents have cut her off. Shiloh assures her that everything will work out. Later, Curtis and Jordan arrive after their visit with Ryan. She still hates how she got Ryan’s kidney, but what’s done is done.

Shiloh and Daisy stop by Charlie’s to make peace. Daisy asks Kristina to return and help them rebuild Dawn of Day. Shiloh wishes her nothing but love and happiness and hopes to see her soon. Kristina assures him that he will, and she’s going to testify against him at his trial. Sonny returns and tells Kristina not to waste her breath with this cockroach. Shiloh and Daisy depart, and Kristina fumes.

Laura joins the festivities at Perks. Lulu wishes to her mom that Dante was there. As they talk, Lulu is served divorce papers. Meanwhile, Willow joins the party, and Charlotte is glad to see her former teacher. Nina takes a moment to talk to Willow and apologize for the fight at the Nurses’ Ball, which is how Shiloh must have learned about the baby. Willow thanks her and says Shiloh would have found out somehow, but it worked out because he’s in jail. Nina has read about Shiloh, and the is starting to realize the two of them may not be that different after all. Later Chase arrives and has to break the news to her that Shiloh made bail. Willow panics that Shiloh will find a way to get Wiley.

Harmony in jail on General Hospital Back at Pentonville, Shiloh visits Harmony, who is shocked he is out. He explains many of the followers remain loyal, and he hopes she is one of them. She assures him that she’s not. He begs her to recant her statement and he will do everything he can to get her out and they can raise his son together. She promises Shiloh that she is going to tell the court everything they did together, and her grandson will be safe from his reach when he’s in prison. She calls Hank a pathetic, desperate little man. Harmony yells to the guard to take her back to her cell. Later as Harmony is working her new job as the prison librarian, she runs into Ryan, who picks up Shiloh’s book from her, though she warns him not to fall for the crap.

Back at the Floating Rib, Jason gets a call from Sonny warning him that Shiloh’s out on bail. Shiloh walks in and approaches them hopes they can put the ELQ business behind them and reminds Drew he was there for Oscar when it mattered. Drew says he only used his son, and his son left him and returned to his family. Drew won’t let him tarnish Oscar’s legacy. Shiloh gets a drink and recalls waking up in a navy seal in Afghanistan tent looking pretty rough and noticed Drew was there.

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