Diane reveals big news on General Hospital

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At the Corinthos estate, Dev finds Joss looking at the compass Oscar left her. He says he’s sorry, and she explodes on him. Carly enters and asks them if there is a problem. Dev and Joss caught on General Hospital Joss keeps blowing up for no reason. Dev leaves for work, and Carly talks with Joss about her emotions. They also discuss Dev, and Carly wants Joss to come with her to any concerns about the boy.

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Franco and Liz are shocked on General Hospital At Charlie’s, Ava is telling Julian about her session with the psychic. Sonny enters and is furious with Ava for giving Avery a message from Kiki, and warns her to keep her psychic mumbo jumbo to herself and not to involve their child. Sonny leaves, and Julian tells his sister that he agrees with Sonny. He’s worried about her and thinks she needs grief counseling. Ava says counseling won’t help her knowing that Kiki’s soul is at peace, and she believes in Sybil. At a table, Liz and Franco meet Cam who finally tells them about the car from Oscar. They agree to let him keep the car, but he will have to help pay for insurance and a parking garage. Cameron thanks them and takes off. Liz gets a message from their wedding photographer with their photos and they look through them. Franco notices a mysterious figure lurking around in the background of one of the photos.

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Willow is worried on General Hospital At the Metro Court, Willow meets with Alexis and they wait for Diane to arrive for a meeting. Brad and Lucas are also on their way. Willow is worried that Shiloh may be able to find a way to go free and take custody of Wiley. Diane enters and Alexis hopes she has good news.

Obrecht threatens Nina on General Hospital Brad sneaks into a sleeping Dr. Obrecht’s room at General Hospital with a syringe. Nina enters and wonders what Brad is doing. Obrecht wakes up, and he explains he needed to draw blood for her latest tests. Lucas interrupts and asks to speak to Brad. In the hall, Lucas tells Brad that Alexis needs to meet with them about Wiley. Back in Obrecht’s room, Obrecht asks Nina if Hayden has been arrested for pushing her off the boat yet. Nina doesn’t believe so and asks her aunt if she is sure she was pushed. She is, but Nina doubts Hayden came all the way back to Port Charles to try and off her. Nina asks to switch the topic of conversation. Obrecht decides to read her latest column, only to find it’s been pushed back in pages thanks to the sex cult coverage. They read the article on Shiloh, and Nina learns that Willow was jailed over a custody dispute with the cult leader. She wonders if her fight with Willow at the ball is how Shiloh learned about the baby.

Lucas and Brad get news on General Hospital Back at the Metro Court, Lucas and Brad arrive, and Diane explains that she’s petitioned the court to stop Shiloh’s case, and the judge agreed to suspend it until Shiloh’s criminal case is concluded. Willow asks what if he does beat the charges. Diane explains he will have to start the case from the beginning, including refiling petitions for Willow’s records and find proof that Wiley is his son. And if Shiloh is found guilty, he will lose all rights in trying to get custody of Wiley. They thank Diane and Alexis and can’t believe it’s over. After the lawyers depart, Lucas says there is still something they need to deal with. He wants to get Shiloh’s medical records just to cover their bases with any future medical conditions that could come up like Wiley’s inherited heart condition.

Trina runs into Dev in the park. He’s working on filling out his work papers. Cam, on his way to his community service, stops to chat. He tells them about his new car, and they recount their last road trip. Dev is shocked they spent money to get a hotel instead of just breaking in and crashing somewhere. Joss joins them and explains her cousin comes from a harsh neighborhood. Dev leaves to turn in his work forms, and Trina grills Joss about Dev. Joss says she’s still trying to figure him out. Cam has to leave for his work, so the girls grab a pretzel.

Sonny returns home and Carly explains while she wants things with Dev to work that they might need a backup plan if they don’t. She suggests boarding school, and shows him one she found on the internet that would be perfect. As they discuss it, Dev sneaks in and overhears them. Sonny doesn’t think Dev would be a good fit for a place like this. He wants the boy there with him and to be part of their family. Carly agrees if it’s what he wants. Dev smiles.

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