Peter swears Finn to secrecy General Hospital

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At General Hospital, Finn tells Peter to be glad he’s alive and stop being reckless. Peter asks him not to tell Anna anything about this. He doesn’t need her rushing back for a phony crisis and points out the doctor can’t legally disclose this. Down the hall, Maxie fills Lulu in about Dante shooting Peter. Lulu starts lecturing her. Finn interrupts and Lulu walks off to see Peter. She tells him that she’s relieved he’s okay and disturbed to hear Dante is getting worse. Maxie trails in and Lulu abruptly stomps out. Lulu lectures Maxie General HospitalSitting down, Maxie beats herself up for meddling and making things worse. He flirts and loves her for trying to help. Out in the hall, Lulu runs into Laura’s arms, sobbing. Laura points out that Maxie meant well and this has answered some of her questions. “Normal is never gonna happen!” Lulu cries. As she sniffles, her mom encourages her to start making plans for her life. She repeats that Maxie had good intentions. Maxie appears and Laura leaves them to talk. The blondes apologize to each other. Lulu admits she’s upset because Maxie did what she wanted to do. She’s going to need Maxie to get her through the next phase of her life.

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Ava prepares to contact Kiki General HospitalAva joins Sibley on the roof of GH. The psychic says it’s a perfect night for channeling and already has her candles out. Once Sibley has shoved Ava’s check into her bra, she starts the ceremony. Pretty soon, Sibley calls for Kiki and then announces her presence. She gives her secret details to prove this is real. Ava starts apologizing but is stopped and ‘Kiki’ informs her she never wants to talk to her again. ‘Kiki’ says she’s at peace now that she’s away from her. Ava tries to keep her there to argue but ‘Kiki’ vanishes and Sibley snaps out of it. Ava accuses her of trying to scam her for more sessions. ‘Kiki’ sends a message to her sister, telling Avery she misses her. Ava is upset. Sibley suggests that Kiki may come around eventually. Jerome says there is someone else she needs to contact and asks her to find Nikolas. She’s surprised when Sibley explains she can’t sense Nikolas on the other side.

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Kim apologizes to Julian General HospitalRobert walks into Charlie’s and tells someone over the phone that something has happened to Peter. Robert is surprised to see Julian behind the bar. Kim looks in through the window, holding her stuffed bunny. Robert finds it hard to believe that Julian has gone legit. Kim enters and Julian says he’s found a reason to stay on the straight and narrow. He crosses over to Kim and she apologizes. They sit down and she tells him about getting some clarity with her therapist. She’s realized the good things she has in her life, like their relationship. Kim worries that things have changed between them because of what she did. His feelings for her haven’t changed and he won’t give up on them. Across the room, Finn joins Robert at a table. Finn says Peter is fine and Peter won’t let him say anything to Anna. Robert’s hands aren’t tied by the same legality. Finn talks him out of contacting her. Scorpio starts laughing when he remembers that Hayden is back in town. They ponder Hayden’s relationship with Jax.

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Curtis questions Drew General HospitalCurtis visits Drew in his office and asks him about Oscar’s will reading. Drew doesn’t want to get into it. Curtis asks who drugged him on the Haunted Star, but Drew insists the person who did it knows they were wrong. Hayden strides in. Drew is startled to see her and learn she’s a CFO in Aurora. He sends Curtis out and Hayden insists that she works for Jax and their paths will never cross. Meanwhile, Jax drops by Nina’s office and she gloats about Crimson’s ad sales increasing. He asks about Valentin and wonders how he ended up on top of the Cassadine family. Nina teases Jax General HospitalNina is sure he already knows plenty about her fiancé. Curtis interrupts and suggests Jax do damage control between Hayden and Drew. Once he’s gone, Nina asks Curtis about being a spy for Valentin. She has another job in mind for him. Nina wants him to give her all the information he’s giving to Valentin. Back down the hall, Jax interrupts Drew and Hayden. Drew informs him of his complicated history with Hayden. He says that she can’t have anything to do with his side of the company and urges Jax to watch his wallet. By the elevators, Jax tells Hayden that she needs to keep poking until Valentin’s house of cards tumbles.

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