Obrecht answers Franco's questions on General Hospital
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Shiloh taunts Kim on General HospitalShiloh enters the Quartermaine mansion as Alexis reveals Oscar left him his ELQ shares. He gets in Alexis’ face and then Drew’s spreading his Dawn of Day speak. Drew shoves him to the ground, ordering him to keep his son’s name out of his mouth. Shiloh assures everyone the money he receives won’t be used for his personal gain, but for the charitable efforts of DoD. The Qs vow to fight it, but Shiloh asks if Kim really wants to second guess his son’s dying wish. Kim sides with the Qs and then Michael tells him Oscar’s bequest is invalid because before he died he made a holograph bequest to the Kilimanjaro Fund which he gave to Jason. Alexis confirms a final testament super cedes what came before. Shiloh won’t relent until Monica orders him out and Kim asks him to leave. On his way out he gets a call that the DNA test results are in, which Michael overhears.

Robert and Mac question Harmony on General HospitalJason brings Harmony to the PCPD to make a statement. She tells Mac and Robert she’s there on her own and doesn’t expect anything in return. Sam is nearby as Harmony declares Shiloh is responsible for her husband’s death, among other crimes, and someone needs to bring him to justice. She has proof of his illegal financial doings since she did the books. Robert knows Shiloh will declare she doctored them so he needs more concrete proof of a crime. Jason questions Harmony about Willow’s initiation ceremony and the night Douglas died. She details Shiloh had a three-hour window to kill him. Harmony’s lawyer then offers up proof that Shiloh called in several prescriptions (using his real name) of the drug they gave the women he raped, which is the same one that killed her husband. Robert and Mac drop the charges against Jason and get the ball rolling on bringing in Carol and issuing Shiloh’s arrest. Below in the cells, Chase visits Willow. He is infuriated by the miscarriage of justice. It makes him want to turn in his badge and work for Sonny Corinthos. She knows he doesn’t mean that. He relents, but it’s an appealing fantasy. After Chase has left, Harmony is brought to a cell across from Willow. Harmony apologizes for all she’s done and vows to make up for it. She talks about serving her time in Pentonville and mentions her roommate Nelle, which Willow picks up on.

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Liesl wakes up in a bed at General Hospital to Franco explaining what happened on The Haunted Star. As Finn tends to her chart and machines, she expresses how ungrateful she is that he helped save her life. The good doctor exits. Franco questions Liesl about what she said about Wiley, but she laughs it off. It was a moment of melancholy. Franco isn’t buying it but Chase enters to take Liesl’s statement about an attempt on her life. She declares she was pushed off the boat. They go over the guest list as possible suspects. When he gets to Hayden, Liesl says, “It must have been her. She hates me.”

Finn meets with Hayden on General HospitalElsewhere, Hayden walks off an elevator and sees her sister. Elizabeth asks why she’s there considering how unwelcomed she might be perceived. Hayden is aware, which is why she brought Kelly’s pastries as a peace offering to her former colleagues. Finn walks up and Hayden offers him a pastry. He’s not in the mood for sweets, but he does have questions. She tries to walk away, but the stops her and takes her on a walk – like they used to. After they’ve left, Lucas appears and he and Liz talk about Wiley. Lucas tells her Wiley’s birth parents are now in the picture and he’s worried. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost his son. Franco is next to talk with Elizabeth. They discuss Liesl and Franco mentions her talking about Wiley. Liz tells him about the conversation she just had with Lucas. Meanwhile, Lucas runs into Shiloh who warns once he gets the DNA results, he will be taking Wiley home with him.

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Finn brings Hayden to the Metro Court restaurant. He needs to say something to her about the child they lost. She just wants to move on. He admits he did move on, but she already knows about his engagement to Anna. She’s glad he found happiness. She’s sorry for the way she handled things but it seemed like the kindest alternative. He asks about the recent letter she sent Curtis. What did she want to share with him? She recalls she was in Rome and missing him. She thought maybe they could start over, but he never came and she met Jax. Finn knows there’s something she’s not telling him. Chase shows up to talk with Hayden.

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