Cam, Trina, Joss see Obrecht overboard General Hospital

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On the deck of the Haunted Star, Obrecht stumbles around drunk and is shoved overboard. She yelps for help as Cam, Trina, and Joss come out. In the ballroom, everyone is surprised when the lights come back on and Hayden arrives. Curtis gives her a hug and then she runs past Finn and kisses Jax. The kids run in and declare that someone fell overboard and Jax rushes out. Soon, Dr. O is back on deck and Finn is giving her mouth to mouth while Nina shouts encouragement. Obrecht spits up water. They bring her into the ballroom. Nina asks Valentin where he was. Bobbie asks Brad the same thing. Liz corners Curtis and Hayden and asks her sister how long she is staying. Hayden doesn’t know and explains she met Jax in Rome when they were working together. Curtis suspects there is more. Hayden gets a blanket for wet Jax as the paramedics arrive. Obrecht explains that she was pushed into the water. Nina finds that hard to believe but her aunt is insistent. Down the hall, Kim injects Drew with something and he collapses. Kim drugs Drew General HospitalShe takes him into a bedroom and flops him on a bed. She tells him he’ll be there for their child this time. She undresses him and then climbs in beside him, telling him about how the baby they are about to make was made from love. As she kisses him, Julian walks in and demands to know what’s going on. She asks him to go. He doesn’t. She gets dressed and admits he stopped them from having sex. Julian is sorry he didn’t recognize how far her grief has gone. She cries about how she misses Oscar and then wonders how she will explain this. They exit. Later, Drew wakes up confused and pulls on his pants before stumbling to the door. He bumps into Curtis, who realizes something is wrong. He spots the syringe on the floor and picks it up. “Brother, somebody drugged you,” Curtis suggests. Drew flashes back to what happened with Kim and stops Curtis from calling Jordan. Meanwhile, Liz approaches Finn on the deck and asks him how he feels about seeing Hayden again. He changes the topic. She wishes she’d shoved Dr. O. Franco then joins her and they talk about getting the truth out of Obrecht. Bobbie eavesdrops and drops her jaw. She rushes back to the ballroom and tells Brad she heard something he needs to know. Bobbie encourages him to fill Lucas in and call Alexis. In the honeymoon suite, Ava badgers Sibley the psychic, who says that Kiki’s spirit is there. Ava demands results from Sibley General HospitalAva assumes the lights going off and on was a sign and starts calling out. Sibley tells her to quiet down and then explains Kiki is gone. Ava refuses to let this end until she gets her daughter back. After some ranting from Jerome, Sibley mentions the dinner they missed. Ava again demands she get Kiki back. The psychic says she could try channeling Kiki, but it takes work and is dangerous. As the party winds down, Nina congratulates Franco on the reception. She’s happy for him and thinks he deserves it. Finn finally corners Hayden at the bar but she runs across the room and asks Jax to take her to her hotel. Scott and Bobbie stop on their way out. He thanks Liz for making an honest man of his son. Once the guests are all gone, Liz and Franco share a dance.

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Julian and Kim arrive on the pier. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. He promises to get her some help. She calls for an emergency appointment with a therapist. Down the pier, Joss, Cam, and Trina talk about their plans for the summer. Trina wishes they’d brought Dev and Joss is happy they got her to come out tonight.

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Maxie tells Peter she won't be refused General HospitalLulu runs into Maxie and Peter at the Metro Court. She crosses the room to meet her latest date. Maxie stares and Peter starts to worry that she’s thinking of hunting down Dante again. She suggests that they get fake IDs and go looking. Peter is sure her face is in the WSB security system somewhere. Meanwhile, Lulu tells her date, Dustin Philips (played by One Life to Live’s Mark Lawson), why she really asked him there. He accepts the rejection, but she wonders why he is single. She blubbers about how great he seems. They chat and he tells her how enjoyable this is. After they say their polite goodbyes, he leaves, and she rejoins her friends. Lulu doesn’t want to be a third wheel. She leaves for home. Maxie decides to ask her dad for help with Dante again. To her surprise, he agrees.

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