franco and liz wedding reception on general hospital

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ava nina valentin with psychic on general hospitalNina wanders into the Metro Court and Valentin starts doling out compliments to her in French. She crosses over to Jax and Curtis gives him a call. He informs the Cassadine that Jax has a file on he and Cassandra. When he gets off the line, Valentin interrupts Nina and guides her away. Meanwhile, Ava sits with the psychic, Sibley Gamble, (played by Veronica Cartwright) at a table. The psychic outlines her skills and Ava starts to wonder why she should pay her. “I’m your best hope for making peace with Kiki,” Sibley insists. She explains that she’s been in contact with Connie and recites her final words. As Nina walks by, she explains to Ava that her mom was a client of the psychic and she is a fraud. Gamble gives Valentin a cryptic message from Madeline about tweezers. Once left alone, Gamble tells Ava that visiting the place where Kiki died would be filled with more psychic energy.

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On the Haunted Star, Finn and Epiphany chat and the guests mill around. Curtis and Stella join them and discuss the genealogy site she joined but she claims she’s not interested in finding more family. Across the room, Terry catches up with Drew about Kim, who arrives on Julian’s arm. Kim drags Terry away to talk. When Drew mention to Julian that Kim is looking better, Julian tells him to take a closer look. He crosses the room and runs into panicky Brad, who informs him that Shiloh thinks he’s Wiley’s father. Julian reassures him. Meanwhile, Drew tells Kim that he’s worried about her. That makes her feel worse. He assures her that they will always be family. She wonders if that means it’s still possible for them to have another child. He can’t do that right now. liz and franco in bed before reception on general hospitalDown the hall, when Franco enters Liz’s suite, he finds her waiting for him. She undresses him and they have sex. Cam arrives on the boat with Trina. He goes looking for his mom and starts banging on her door. Back in the ballroom, Kevin tells Laura he’s not ready to re-enter the social scene. She says no one is paying attention to them. He assumes they are paying attention to Bobbie on Scott’s arm. Felix wanders around and a drunken Dr. O starts talking to him about how Lucas’ marriage isn’t built to last. Obrecht moves on to Finn and teases him about Anna abandoning him again. Nina gets between them and escorts her aunt away. Bobbie corners Julian and lectures him again for being involved in Lucas’ life. Across the room, Curtis corners Valentin and asks him what he knows about Cassandra. Valentin claims not to know much. Curtis wonders if he should talk to Finn about her. Terry calls everyone to attention for the bride and groom to enter. They thank everyone for coming and he thanks her for letting him love her and her children for letting him into their family. liz and franco cut wedding cake on general hospitalLiz thanks him for completing her family. Jake, Aidan and Cameron surprise them by coming out to play a music tribute to their parents. Franco and Liz start dancing and then everyone else moves onto the dance floor. Liz is happy to see Cam and Franco shaking hands. As the music dies down, Felix tracks down Brad and wonders why Lucas isn’t there. That makes Brad defensive. Felix brings up what Obrecht says and then tells him to forget it. Brad runs over to Julian and worries. A few feet away, Dr. O gets Nina to introduce her to Jax and starts asking him if he’s heard from Jerry. She explains that they go way back. Franco breaks them up and takes Dr. O aside. She starts sobbing about how lonely she is and all the secrets she knows about Wiley and his real father. As she sobs to him about it, someone eavesdrops. Ava arrives with Sibley and introduced her to Franco and Liz. The psychic tells Franco he won’t be feeling himself soon. When she turns around, she warns Finn that he’ll still have more women than he can handle. Ava takes Sibley to the room where Kiki’s body was found. Sibley can feel Kiki’s presence. The lights go out. Up on deck, Obrecht stumbles around drunk and leans over the railing. Someone follows her out and Dr. O goes overboard. Back inside, Kim and Drew search for the fuse box. As he turns the lights back on, he’s stabbed with a syringe. Out in the ballroom, everyone is shocked as Hayden suddenly appears.

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joss michael and sasha make snacks on general hospitalAt the Corinthos compound, Joss finds Michael and Sasha in the kitchen. They are babysitting Avery and suggest she go to the party to hang out with Cam. She chats with them about Cam inviting her but finds it too awkward to be around people. Michael makes his sister an ice cream sundae. She feels bad for leaving Cam in the lurch and heads off.

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