Neil quits on General Hospital

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Alexis arrives at Neil’s office for a session just as Kristina is finishing one. Alexis asks Kristina if she’s been avoiding her because of the pledge she made. Kristina admits she still feels guilty about it, and Alexis doesn’t want to her feel that way. They hug and Kristina leaves. Alexis meets with Neil, and as she’s talking about Oscar and his will, she lets it slip she knows he lost a child. Neil ends the session and says he can no longer treat her because she’s continuously crossed professional boundaries. She accuses him of being unprofessional and taking his grief out on her. She doesn’t know the details of his daughter’s death and is sorry for his loss, but he’s clearly not handling it well. He says she is not a mental health professional and has no idea what she’s talking about. He asks her to leave and she does.

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Sonny threatens on General Hospital In a nearby town, Sonny meets his cousin who he hasn’t seen in years. He mentions her son Brandon who died back in 2003 in the Iraq war. She wonders why he’s there, and what does it have to do with her son. He explains it is about her grandson, but she says she doesn’t have one. Sonny produces an envelope of cash and tells her she does now. He informs her that government officials will be coming to question her about her son Brandon, who she will say brought a wife home from Iraq, only she died giving birth to her grandson. Sonny’s cousin notes the envelope isn’t thick enough for her to go along with this scam. He offers her more and reminds her that she knows what happens to people who double cross him. She accepts the payment, and Sonny tells her he’ll be sending her the details of her new grandson.

Corinthos kitchen on General Hospital At the Corinthos house, Dev and Joss bicker as they chop vegetables for Avery’s snack. Carly intervenes and asks Dev to go close up the boat house. She talks to Joss about her attitude towards Dev, and asks her to try and cut him some slack. Joss agrees.

Laura and Liz at Charlies on General Hospital At Charlies, Liz, Laura and Franco talk with Cam and let him know he has been approved for a day off from his community service to attend Liz and Franco’s reception tomorrow. Franco suggests he can bring a date, but Cam doesn’t want to because he doesn’t think it will be fun. Laura speaks to him in private about his attitude. He calls Franco temporary and says who knows how long he’ll be around. Laura realizes this is about the fact that he’s had a lot of father figures who have let him down. Franco heads out as Laura continues to talk to Cam about how he may be putting up walls to protect himself in case things don’t work out with Franco. She asks him to give Franco the benefit of the doubt and to use the reception as a way to show everyone that he supports his family. Cam informs his mom that he’s had a change of heart and is thinking about bringing a date after all. He leaves, and Liz thanks Laura for whatever she said.

Scott proposes on General Hospital At General Hospital, Bobbie tells Scott that he has lost his mind proposing to her. He believes he’s thinking clearly and wants to spend the rest of his life with someone who he is comfortable with, like a well-worn shoe. Bobbie is insulted by the comparison, which he swears was a compliment. She points out he hasn’t even said he loves her once in his entire proposal. Scott says his love for her goes without saying. Bobbie loves him as a friend, and reminds him that every time they’ve tried to make it work it’s been a disaster. He apologizes and doesn’t know what he was thinking. Later, Bobbie meets with Carly and fills her in on Scott’s proposal. Carly thinks her mom needs to start putting herself out there if she wants to find love again, and it may be with someone surprising. Elsewhere, Scott runs into Franco and blames him for putting the idea to propose to Bobbie in his head, which Franco states he did no such thing. Later, Scott bumps into Bobbie and he apologizes for his proposal, hopes he hasn’t ruined their friendship, and asks if she’d be his date to Franco and Liz’s reception. She accepts.

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Kristina visits jail on General Hospital Kristina visits Willow in jail and says she owes Willow her life for helping her get out of Dawn of Day. Willow opens up about why she’s in jail, saying keeping secrets only eats at one.

Kristina returns to Neil’s office as Alexis is leaving. She was hoping they could see Neil together so she could tell her mom about the pledge.

Cam stops by the Corinthos place and asks Joss if she’d go to Liz and Franco’s reception with him.

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