Brad worries to Michael General Hospital

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Outside of Charlie’s, Michael assures an uncomfortable Brad that he will always look out for Wiley. Brad heads inside where Shiloh is on the phone telling someone that he has found his son and will soon have the proof he needs. He crosses the room to Brad, who doesn’t want to talk to him. Shiloh talks about how beautiful seeing the child is again. Brad is tired of his ‘fortune cookie philosophy’ and tries to step away but Shiloh only keeps digging, asking him why he is so propriety over his son. Shiloh asks him for advice about being a father and adds that he fears for Wiley’s safety around a violent person like Lucas. Brad gets fed up and storms out. Shiloh managed to swipe one of Wiley’s napkins.

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Laura asks Robert to find Dante General HospitalLaura finds Robert sitting at The Floating Rib and asks him to track down Dante. He claims there is nothing he can do now that he’s been pushed into mandatory retirement. They talk about getting old and he assures her that she’s done well. Even the governor has her on his radar. He urges her to leave Dante to heal and notes it may take years. She’s impressed when Robert explains that he went to law school and passed the bar. His friend the governor has given him a job.

Chase tells Mac Willow is desperate General HospitalAt the PCPD, Chase brings Mac his favorite breakfast. Mac wonders if he is buttering him up because of Willow. They talk about her being thrown in jail by Judge Walters. Mac tells him that the judge also came down hard on Maxie. Officer Price from Beechers Corners strides in, looking for Jason. He broke out of jail with the help of a drunken man. Michael strolls in and Price recognizes him as Jason’s accomplice. Mac finds that hard to believe but the cop insists they arrest Michael. The commissioner refuses to make an arrest based on his say-so. Price threatens to call the FBI. Chase steps up and claims that Michael was with him last night. Price refuses to back down and Mac orders him to leave while he looks into this. Once Price is gone, Michael explains what happened with Carol. Mac is miffed that Chase just lied to two fellow officers. He warns that if he does something like that again, he’s out. When Mac heads down the hall, he runs into Laura and tells her he needs a new DA. Robert suddenly appears and announces that the governor has appointed him to the job. “The Scorpio brothers ride again,” Robert announces.

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Maxie complains to Lulu General HospitalAt the Metro Court, Lulu chats with Maxie and Peter about her house being burglarized. They worry about Lulu, but she assures them that she’s fine since a friend of Sonny’s stopped the burglary. Peter is pulling this story and Maxie tells her friend it is over. Lulu objects but her boss insists. Maxie gets tired of listening to Lulu and forbids this. That fails and Peter caves, Lulu takes off and Maxie tells Peter they need to hunt down Dante immediately. He points out that Dante likely knows what’s best for his mental health and his family. She’s determined to go after him anyway. They debate the meaning of friendship and he finally agrees to help her find Dante.

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Drew is heartbroken General HospitalDrew is with Scout, (played by Ella Ramacieri), in the Crimson office. They look at a picture of Oscar and he promises to make sure she always remembers her brother. Alexis watches this moment from the door. Once the kid is coloring, Alexis interrupts and tells Drew how beautiful that was. He admits that his heart is broken and it’s tough to watch Kim go through it. Spreading Oscar’s ashes almost made things worse for her. The lawyer says they still need to read Oscar’s will. Once she leaves, Drew promises his daughter that they will go to Kilimanjaro one day to visit her brother.

Sam gives Jason advice General HospitalAt the safe house, Sam admits to Jason that she doesn’t mind them being fugitives because they get to spend time together. He teases her about her speeding tickets, and she lectures him for getting arrested. He explains how that happened and swears that Officer Price called Shiloh for instructions. She says she overheard the call and Shiloh ordered the cop to kill him. They debate him going back to Beechers Corners to get Carol. Sam insists that he leave this up to her. He suggests she get a statement from Carol. After some joking around, they make out.

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