lucas attacks shiloh on general hospital

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In the park, Sam gets a text that Jason is in trouble in Beechers Corners, as Shiloh gets a call from Billy about having Jason Morgan in custody. Shiloh warns Sam on General Hospital Shiloh tells him that he knows what to do. After the call, Shiloh tells Sam that he will welcome both her and Willow back when they come to their senses. She laughs that he’s insane, but he says he still feels the energy between them, and their connection is something that she and Jason will never have. Suddenly, Lucas appears and shoves Shiloh away from Sam. He warns the cult leader to stay away from his sister, his husband and his son. Shiloh has no idea what he’s talking about. Sam pulls Lucas away and warns him that he may have just said too much, and not to play into Shiloh’s hands.

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Alexis listens to Julian at Charlie's on General Hospital At Charlie’s, Julian informs Alexis that Shiloh will never get his hands on Wiley because he’s not his father. He quickly covers and explains he just meant DNA doesn’t make one a father. Julian asks what the chances are that Lucas and Brad will lose Wiley. Alexis doesn’t know because she’s never had a case this tricky. Shiloh has legal rights and his were violated, so his claims to the child are valid. Julian assures Alexis that they left behind no trail to follow with the records. Alexis asks, “Who’s we?” Julian tells her that she doesn’t want the details, but she figures out it was Sam. Alexis is furious and storms out to try and find a way to fix his mess.

Epiphany talks to Bobbie on General Hospital At General Hospital, Epiphany finds Bobbie distracted with a pamphlet on diabetes. Bobbie reveals she’s just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Epiphany tells Bobbie to come with her, and in a private room, she gives her a talk about type 2 diabetes and taking care of oneself. Epiphany admits she also has the disease and managing it can be tough. About a year after her diagnosis she suffered a heart attack. It was when she and Milo were on vacation and is why no one at General Hospital knows. It scared her into taking care of herself, and she wants Bobbie to learn from her mistake. She also advises Bobbie not to deal with this on her own, and to lean on her children.

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Drew looks wary of Kim on General Hospital At Kim’s, the doctor tells Drew she wants a baby and he doesn’t have to be a part of raising it. Drew won’t have a child and not be a part of their life, so Kim tells him to be there for this baby like he couldn’t be for Oscar. Drew doesn’t want a child to grow up knowing they had them out of grief for a lost sibling. She says she’ll find another way if he won’t help her and asks him to leave because she wants to be alone. After he exits, Kim collapses in tears. She starts to hear a baby crying and frantically searches her apartment for the source. Suddenly, Oscar’s image appears in front of her and when he opens his mouth, a baby’s cry comes out. Once he vanishes, Kim makes a call to someone and asks to see them. Later, Shiloh arrives, and she tells him that she sees and feels Oscar around her, and she knows how she can bring him back. She asks Shiloh to help her, and he agrees.

Jason behind bars on General Hospital At the Beechers Corners jail, Billy tells Jason he has to take care of him and will claim he was attempting to escape. Suddenly another cop enters with Michael, who is pretending to be drunk. Michael is thrown in the cell with Jason. Once alone, Jason asks how he knew what happened. Carol found Michael and told him everything, and he took Carol back home and she’s safe. Michael produces a lockpick for Jason to get them out with. Later, the cops return and Billy asks the other cop to take Michael over to the hotel and get him a room to sleep it off. Jason springs into action, takes down Billy, grabs his gun and tells the other cop to be cool and nobody will get hurt. Jason orders Michael and the cop to drag Billy into the cell, and then Jason locks the two cops in. Jason acts like he doesn’t know Michael and tells him to go. Michael runs off, and Jason advises the cop to find a better place to work. Later, Sam arrives to pick up Michael and Jason.

Drew stops by Charlie’s to talk to him about Kim. Drew feels Kim is falling apart at the seams and he isn’t seeing it. Drew suggests Julian talk to her and encourage her to seek help.

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